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IEEE-USA Tech Match

IEEE-USA TechMatch is an online service that allows entrepreneurs access to seasoned businesspersons who, at no charge, will help them improve their business plans.  IEEE-USA TechMatch provides a detailed, automated assessment of the entrepreneur’s plans and objectives, and then a committee of experienced reviewers will provide sustained, customized feedback to help improve the submitted business plan prior to presentation to prospective investors.

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IEEE Member Group Insurance Program

The IEEE Member Professional Liability Insurance Program is exclusively for IEEE members. The program can help mitigate risks small business owners and entrepreneurs may face and protect against negligent acts, errors & omissions. The IEEE Member Professional Liability Insurance Program provides members with a choice of coverage options from industry-leading insurers. Plus, participating insureds may gain access to several risk management features, such as contract reviews, pre-claim prevention services, legal counsel representation and a risk management and claims hotline.  Learn more.

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