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This Kitchen Appliance Will 'Print' Your Meals

New 3-D printer can help you make pasta and hamburgers

This Kitchen Appliance Will ‘Print’ Your Meals

Few of us have the time or patience to make a pizza crust or pasta from scratch. The idea of kneading the dough alone is enough reason to order takeout or buy packaged meals. But IEEE Member Emilio Sepulveda wants to change that by leaving some of the difficult parts of food preparation to a 3-D printer.

Sepulveda’s Barcelona-based startup, Natural Machines, is launching its first product this year: Foodini. Similar to other 3-D printers, Foodini produces dishes a layer at a time. But it “prints out” food ingredients—like ground meat, dough, and vegetables—instead of the usual 3-D printer’s plastics and other materials.

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photo: Natural Machines