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IEEE Entrepreneurship attends Alphalab Gear’s Hardware Cup Competition

Hardware Cup Finals - April 19th, 2017 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Hardware Cup Check Winners Hard Tech Startup Competition

IEEE Entrepreneurship attends Alphalab Gear’s Hardware Cup Competition

Photo: Hardware Cup winners Atlas Wearables, VaGenie and PlayDate. Courtesy of Foo Conner



Last week, members of the IEEE Entrepreneurship community traveled to Pittsburgh, PA in support of the Hardware Cup Finals.  

This was the third annual competition coordinated by Alphalab Gear, a US ranked accelerator that provides early stage support for physical product companies.  Twelve qualifiers from regional Hardware Cup competitions held in Canada, India, Israel, Japan, South Korea, and The United States pitched to a panel of local VC judges for a chance to win a $50,000 investment provided by Startbot VC.

The competitors, each of which had created a physical product to have qualified to compete, were judged on commercial viability, team capability and demonstrated commitment to their products.  

Atlas Wearables, a company that produces a digital fitness wristband, and PlayDate, a company that developed a remotely operated robotic pet toy took second and third place respectively.  Both startups were bested in the final round of competition by Vagenie, an early-stage women’s health biotech firm that recently developed a pelvic floor muscle strengthener.

To learn more about Alphalab Gear, and The Hardware Cup, and the winners please visit:

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