IEEE N3XT® Stars of Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

Judges at Hello Tomorrow

IEEE N3XT® Stars of Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

Photo: IEEE Entrepreneurship volunteer judges, Samantha Snabes, Co-Founder & Catalyst | re:3D (2018 Chair, IEEE Entrepreneurship); Bruno Meyer, Manager Business Development | RTE-France (IEEE Fellow, 2018-2019 IEEE Board of Directors Division Director, 2006-2008 IEEE Power & Energy Society Board of Governors); Allan Tear, Co-Founder, Betaspring RevUp (2017 Chair, IEEE Entrepreneurship) represented IEEE at the 2017 Hello Tomorrow Global Summit.

Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

Last week, members of the IEEE Entrepreneurship staff and community attended the Hello Tomorrow conference in Paris, France.  Hello Tomorrow, a global organization which gathers together a community of the world’s brightest talents, organizes an annual summit to explore the latest deep-tech trends.

This event was highly focused on the recent accomplishments of 500 startups across 10 Challenge Areas in the engineering-driven business space. A team of three IEEE volunteer judges assembled to select and award the IEEE N3XT® Star Honor prizes to a handful of those young companies whose engineering-driven focus aligns with IEEE’s mission: to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

Our judges Allan Tear, Samantha Snabes, and Bruno Meyer interviewed ten tech startups attending the event for a chance to become an IEEE N3XT® Star.  

The IEEE N3XT® Star program recognizes the best frontier tech startups around the world.  Early-stage companies are selected in acknowledgment of their progress and potential in bringing engineering-driven innovations to market in areas of technology that overlap with IEEE’s field of interest.

Earlier this year at the LAUNCH Festival in San Francisco, California IEEE judges awarded the title of IEEE N3XT Star to Bounce Imaging, Droneseed, Elemental Machines, IAM Robotics, Krtkl, MCThings, and Zoora.  In addition at Collision in New Orleans, Louisiana the IEEE N3XT® Star title was given to Cattleya Technosys and Aclima.

The IEEE Entrepreneurship Initiative is happy to announce that the IEEE N3XT Star title was given to the following companies last week in Paris:


Bluefield: This company specializes in innovations in sustainability; they are deploying methane tracking micro-satellites which detect, quantify and monitor the majority of methane emitters on earth. They’re able to detect emissions at an impressive rate, and are poised to become a powerful player in future energy conservation.


Brill Power: Battery life conservation is a technical problem that has been around since batteries were  invented. Brill Power has created an intelligent control system that extends the life of batteries without sacrificing high battery performance.



Bee Smart Technologies Logo

Bee Smart Technologies: This company is digitizing an area of environmental upkeep that most of us rarely think about — beekeeping. Though, as mentioned, it rarely enters the publicconsciousness, beekeeping is essential in maintaining a flourishing ecosystem. Recognizing this, Bee Smart Technologies is working to bring beekeeping into the future.


Ampaire Logo

Ampaire: Ampaire is a company that is focused on a better way to travel by air. They are working to create electric commercial jets and planes, making flights cleaner, quieter, and more affordable.

IEEE looks forward to collaborating with Hello Tomorrow in 2018.

Congratulations to our IEEE N3XT® Stars!

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