Amazon Web Services Partner with IEEE Entrepreneurship


Amazon Web Services Providing IEEE Entrepreneurship Member Benefit

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is excited to support the engineering-driven businesses of IEEE members! Through its AWS Activate program, AWS will now provide IEEE members with credits for access to cloud computing resources. AWS Activate is a program that allows companies to access over 150 web-based services and tools to support their growing businesses; whether it’s simple website hosting, storage, data analytics tools, IoT services, or building and training machine learning models (and much more). Join some of the fastest-growing startups in the world and build your business using AWS!

IEEE Entrepreneurship Community Members will be eligible for:

  • $10,000 in AWS Promotional Credit valid for 2 years;
  • 1 year of AWS Business Support (up to $5,000);
  • 80 credits for Self-Paced Labs ($80 value).


  1. Complete this IEEE form in order to have your IEEE membership confirmed and receive your ID for AWS Activate Services as an IEEE Entrepreneurship Member Deal.
  2. Once your membership has been confirmed, and you receive your code, visit the AWS Activate application page.
  3. Provide your current AWS Account ID on the application. Promotional Credits will be added directly to this account, so please double check it! Neither AWS not IEEE can transfer credits in the future. You must input the correct account ID.
  4. Please provide your company domain email address regardless of the email associated with your AWS Account ID. Personal email addresses are likely to be unrecognized and rejected, complicating application processing and billing inquiries.
  5. Please note that your link and Organization ID should not be shared. To see your credit balance, applicable services, and expiration date, please go to your Billing and Cost Management Console.

AWS Promotional Credits expiration dates are based on your program start date or the date you received investment, regardless of when you actually submit the application, so please apply promptly. Companies may not be eligible for AWS Promotional Credits if they previously received a similar or greater amount of credit. Companies may be eligible to be “topped up” to a higher credit amount if they previously received a lower credit. For more information, please review the AWS Activate Terms & Conditions.

Special Thanks to:
The AWS Public Sector Team

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