Female Entrepreneur from Within: Advice, Mentoring & Positivity Roundtable

Live at the IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference in Austin, Texas


Listen to 2019 IEEE Entrepreneurship Chair Samantha Snabes and Marcela Fujiy discuss topics in engineering driven entrepreneurship on the Executive Innovation Show. Click here for the full podcast.

Samantha Snabes is a Co-Founder & Catalyst for re:3D a company built on a community of makers using gigabot to print human-scale objects using recycled materials. The re:3D team consists of several former NASA engineers interested in driving social and economic change through open-source engineering-driven innovations.

She recently won the worldwide 2018 WeWork Creator Award Million Dollar Prize. Samantha is the 2018-2019 Chair for IEEE Entrepreneurship. She has been an active volunteer leader with IEEE’s Entrepreneurship Initiative since 2016.

Marcela Fujiy is the Co-Founder at Be.Labs Accelerator. She started one of the first women accelerator programs in Brazil and now leads a nationally recognized business through innovative, horizontal and autonomous management.

IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) is a global network of IEEE members and volunteers dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists, and inspiring girls around the world to follow their academic interests in a career in engineering and science. The WIE ILC aims to support and sustain women leaders and technologists, especially those in mid to senior career, with sessions designed to enhance leadership skills and knowledge of the tech industry.