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Biometrics: Theory, Applications and Systems (BTAS)



By Gloria G See

In September, IEEE Entrepreneurship hosted a panel at the 10th IEEE International Conference on Biometrics in Tampa, Florida. As the Chair of the IEEE-USA Entrepreneurship Policy and Innovation Committee, I was honored to moderate the panel. The panelists are all accomplished entrepreneurs with extensive experience and they shared their insights with an audience of students, professors, and industry professionals.

Even as an entrepreneur and startup employee myself, I was struck comments from each of the panelists that I found especially helpful or interesting to me.

Dr. Maha Sallam (President of VuEssence Inc.) is on her second startup and discussed her experience with the lifecycle of startups, especially in the different phases of funding and growth. Being able to adapt through all of these changes is critical to your success.

Dr. Brendan Klare, (Co-founder and CEO of Rank One Computing) moved into entrepreneurship after his military career. He shared his thoughts on leadership within a startup, and the importance of serving your team and your customers.

Mr. Timothy Daniels (President, Accurate Biometrics) doesn’t come from an engineering background, but rather finance. This gives him a different perspective on how critical it is to partner with people who compliment your strengths.

I’d like to share my thanks for the outstanding panel that IEEE Entrepreneurship arranged and for the other events they host across various events and societies of IEEE. These events are a great reminder that there are opportunities for entrepreneurship, regardless of your field and experience level.

From left to right: Gloria See, Timothy Daniels, Brendan Klare, Maha Sallam