The place to be for innovation which shapes the future

The place to be for innovation which shapes the future

The place to be for innovation which shapes the future

By Vincenzo Piuri

The IEEE Italy Section, in cooperation with the IEEE Region 8 and the IEEE Croatia, France, Israel, Switzerland and UK & Ireland Sections, is organizing an IEEE Affiliate Event The 5th International Forum on Research and Technologies for Society and Industry {RTSI), in Florence, Italy, September 9-12, 2019.

There are great expectations from this conference where people from industry and research meet to talk about innovation and contribute to shaping the future for a sustainable life. The meeting aims at presenting novel technologies and applications in the entire spectrum of the IEEE field of interest, offering unique opportunities for interdisciplinary cross-fertilization and interactions among people from industry, academia, and government agencies.

On September 11, two plenary panels have been organized to focus on entrepreneurship and the industrial opportunities for innovation. The goal is to present a comprehensive scenario of the technological trends in which it could be worth to invest efforts, creativity, and funds to ideate and develop new technologies, products, and services for a better life of people and the social and economic development around the world.

The first panel will focus on the hot technological areas for entrepreneurship. A keynote will set the stage with an overview of the technological areas, the future technological directions and application trends, the worldwide scientific and professional communities interested in these areas, and the support offered by a scientific and professional association like IEEE. Then more specific presentations will address some relevant areas, encompassing hardware and information processing systems, telecommunications, artificial intelligence, robotics, bioengineering, power and energy, and industry automation.

Panel 1: 14.30-16.30: hot technological areas for entrepreneurship

The second panel will focus on entrepreneurship supports for success. Funding, organization, management, business strategies and planning, incubators, guidance, mentorship, and institutional supports will be discussed for sustainable and ethic entrepreneurship in the worldwide scenario. Some successful cases will also be presented to point out the problems, innovative ideas, efforts, positive attitude, persistence, and supports that made the difference, leading to success.

Panel 2: 17.00-18.30: entrepreneurship support and successful cases

These panels has been organized with the cooperation of the IEEE Entrepreneurship Committee and the Entrepreneurship Committee of the IEEE Italy Section. They aims at stimulating especially the young people to free their creativity, open their mind, take challenges, fly high in the technological scenario, and make the difference in the economy and the daily life of people in the world: become entrepreneurs.