The Global Support Ecosystem for Women Entrepreneurs and Investors

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The Global Support Ecosystem for Women Entrepreneurs and Investors

By Joshua Henderson

[*Note: 2018 IEEE Entrepreneurship Star, Gitte Pedersen co-founder of the mission-based Female Equity, a nonprofit which provides Female Founders equal opportunity to funding, and Genomic Expression, is highlighted below.]

Maintaining this list over the last five years has been a labor of love, and one that has allowed me to witness the exponential growth of this support ecosystem for women that build and invest in early-stage companies. Over the last 12 years as the Vice President of Springboard Enterprises, a global network of women innovators transforming industries, I’ve met the leaders of many of the organizations included in this list and I’m honored to be part of a community of exceptional people that recognize this is not only a valuable mission but a lucrative one: there is big money to be made in finding and funding companies led by diverse teams.

Since the last edition of this list, there is a significant amount of new funding in the hands of women, including funds that do and don’t focus on investing in women-led teams. I love how Jane VC’s Ann Bordetsky put this in a recent post on women-led VC funds: “The most exciting and transformative trend happening in the Tech community right now is a new generation of venture funds — founded, raised and led by experienced, badass women. This wave of Wonder Women will reshape Silicon Valley as we know it.”

COVID-19 is also reshaping the startup world and the way that all of us connect with and support those on the herculean mission to build a viable business. Communities are convening in new, virtual ways and evolving their support models. In the coming months, I will update this post to call out those organizations with virtual engagement opportunities.

If you’re part of a woman-led company, I hope this list makes your life easier by pointing you to valuable virtual resources and human capital you didn’t already know about.

  1. Ad Astra Ventures
  2. Althea-Imperial Programme
  3. Atto Accelerator
  4. Backstage Accelerator
  5. The Big Push
  6. Camelback Ventures
  7. The Capital Network’s Fellowship for Female Founders
  8. The Circular Board
  9. Colliders Pre-Accelerator
  10. DivInc (DivInc)
  11. Emerge
  12. Equita
  13. F-Lane
  14. Female Founder School
  15. Female Founders Accelerator
  16. Female Founders Competition by Microsoft
  17. FemTech Accelerator Program
  18. FounderGym
  19. GUILD Academy
  20. Halo Incubator
  21. HearstLab
  22. Hillman
  23. MassNextGen
  24. Monarq Incubator
  25. Multicultural Innovation Lab
  26. mystartupXX
  27. NY Fashion Tech Lab
  28. NYC Immersion Program by FD Global Connections
  29. The Pinkubator
  30. Project Entrepreneur
  31. Prosper
  32. Ready Set Raise
  33. The Refinery
  34. Sephora Stands
  35. SOAR
  36. Springboard Enterprises (Springboard Enterprises)
  37. Stella Labs(fka Hera Labs)
  38. TechDiversity Accelerator
  39. Upstart
  40. WiSTEM by 1871
  41. WMN•FINtechby 1871 and BMO Harris Bank
  42. Women in Cloud Accelerator
  43. Women Innovating Now Lab
  44. Women on the Move
  45. Women Who Dare
  46. Women’s Innovation Fund Accelerator
  47. Women’s Startup Lab

Others with demonstrated awareness of the need for diversity of thought500 WomenAmerican UndergroundFounders InstituteIgnite AcceleratorMake in L.A.NewMe Accelerator, as well as Design Technologies produced accelerators ABCTELabNYC, and Next Milestone

  1. Blooms London
  2. CoworkHERS
  3. EvolveHer (Chicago)
  4. HeraHub (Multiple Locations, Hera Hub)
  5. Luminary
  6. One Roof Melbourne
  7. The Hivery (Mill Valley, CA)
  8. The Riveter (Multiple Locations)
  9. The Ventura (Australia)
  10. WeAct (Los Altos)
  11. WMN (Tel Aviv)
  12. The Wing (New York City)
  1. accelerateHER
  2. Ada’s List
  3. Alley to the Valley
  4. Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs
  5. Astia
  6. Athena League
  8. Black Women Talk Tech
  9. Blooming Founders (Blooming Founders)
  10. Bossy Chicago
  11. Chief
  12. Chooks SA
  13. C-Sweetener
  14. Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network
  15. digitalundivided (digitalundivided)
  16. Ellevate Network (Ellevate Network)
  17. EnrichHER
  18. Female Equity

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