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The IEEE Entrepreneurship Career Center offers a wide array of invaluable free tools via the IEEE Entrepreneurship – Your Job Search Resource Center!

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Quick, Easy Job Search

Job searching shouldn’t be time-consuming. Members can spend less time searching and more time applying to relevant positions with the immersive “Job Search” page. This layout allows you to view job search results and job details on one screen, making searches faster. Other features include:

  • Real-Time Filters: Advanced filters with real-time updating
  • Take a Tour: Guide walk-through training available on demand
  • Career Matches: Find relevant jobs more easily with the “Jobs You May Like” section
  • Bookmarked Jobs: Bookmark jobs using the star logo and apply when you’re ready 
Career Articles, Tips, & Recommendations

Members have access to articles relevant through different career development stages.  

Career Coaching

As part of the Career Resource Center, members can connect with expert career coaches for mock interviews and career advice. This complimentary service provides members an opportunity to gain confidence and have their questions answered to prepare for their next interview. Click here for a customizable HTML email you can send to your members about career coaching and resources.

Resume Reviews

Members have the option to request a free confidential CV/resume evaluation, on your career center, from an expert writer. Within 48 hours of uploading their resume, an email will be sent outlining strengths, weaknesses, and suggestions to ensure they have the best chance of getting interviewed!

Social Connections

The Social Connections button on your career center’s job search page allows members to check company names against their LinkedIn contacts. Members can leverage those professional connections for more information about a company or to request referrals.

Account Quick Create

The career center allows users to utilize existing Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn credentials to create a Job Seeker account. Once created, members can save, forward, and print jobs of interest, as well as upload multiple resumes and cover letters, to effortlessly apply to jobs.

Company Directory

Job seekers can review a compilation of company profiles by name. Each profile includes company history, mission statements, information on company benefits, and active job listings allowing job seekers to research potential employers without leaving your job board.

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