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The Evolution of

Founder Office Hours Program

The Evolution of the Founder Office Hours Program

IEEE Entrepreneurship’s Founder Office Hours Pilot Program launched in June 2018.

As 2020 is quickly reaching an end, it is time for reflection. 

After a decrease in 2019, the number of Founder Office Hours Program applications received is steadily rising. 

  • The total applications per year are as follows.
    • 2018 – sixteen applications.
    • 2019 – nine applications.
    • 2020 – twenty-three applications and counting.

The current ratings for the program are notably high, which is reflective of the median and average scores from 2020 applicants.

  • How would you rate the quality of the mentoring you received? (Rate 1 to 5)*
    • Average: 4.857
    • Median: 5
  • To what extent do you feel that this mentor met your expectations? (Rate 1 to 5)*
    • Average: 4.714
    • Median: 5
  • Please rate the quality of the match between you and your mentor. (Rate 1 to 5)*
    • Average: 4.285
    • Median: 4

2020 applications came from all ten IEEE Regions, which attests to the reach of this program!

Further evidence of the Founder Office Hours Program’s growing success is the testimonials from our mentors and mentees. 

IEEE Entrepreneurship wants to hear from you! 

If you are interested in sharing your experience, please submit your testimonial to IEEE Entrepreneurship Program Manager Tom Monaco