IEEE Entrepreneurs Network – Boston


IEEE Entrepreneurs Network – Boston and IEEE Entrepreneurship collaborated to present The Pathways to a Successful ‘Scale-Up’ on 06 April 2021.

There are important strengths that startup company founders and entrepreneurs have to launch companies, to prove a value proposition and establish some traction in the market, and that success might land you seed investment.

But to land an A round, you need to establish a business model that can scale to a level that can justify the kind of return A round investors would seek.


Moderator: Robert Adelson

Jennifer Crawford

Mark Bonifacio

Moderator: Ken Stauffer






Some questions / points to explore:

  • How do you establish a business model that can scale?
  • How do you implement the scale-up of your business?  …including what resources you are going to need to bring to bear to successfully commence the scale-up of your business.
  • What are the inflection points? …  At what level of scaleup, will you achieve an inflection point sufficient that your company might attract potential acquirers and a potential liquidity event for you and your investors.
  • How do you scale to a successful exit/liquidity event?

The discussion also includes how there are different pathways to scaleup in different fields, and how scale-ups vary between tech, life science, and e-commerce companies.  The three, well-experienced speakers, are each drawn from different sectors of the economy, including technology companies, life science/medical devices, staffing, commerce, and beyond from the diverse experiences of our panel, moderated by ENET Chair Emeritus Rob Adelson. Read More.

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