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Best Marketing Process for Startups to Launch Products & Secure Customers

IEEE SCV Entrepreneurship SIG

Best Marketing Process for Startups to Launch Products & Secure Customers

Best Marketing Process for Startups to Launch Products & Secure Customers
26 August 2021 | 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM EDT
Format: Online via Zoom
IEEE SCV Entrepreneurship SIG

Learn how to move your products from an idea into the hands of customers successfully!

Moving your products from an idea to the hands of customers is the goal of every startup. Yet why is it that some products fail and others succeed? And top of that you have to contend with the speed of adoption and obsolescence in the high-tech industry. Without the foresight and plans, your business may encounter significant challenges in making the transition from MVP to customer adoption and growth. Learn the Best Practices of Marketing Products and Services successfully with a framework for predictability and measurability.

In this workshop, learn the lexicon of the marketing framework to develop “marketing thinking” as a strategic weapon. Prem Talreja, Founder and President of Accurate Marketing, will share his 30+ years of experience in high-tech marketing, and working with startups in Silicon Valley. As a student of marketing he will share the marketing process; how to leverage your strengths, mitigate your weaknesses, exploit opportunities and address threats; the internal and external forces that impact your business; pricing and why customers buy; acquiring and retaining customers; and using the levers of digital marketing to outperform your competitors.

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Prem Talreja, Managing Director of Accurate Marketing

Prem Talreja has spent 30 years in high-tech marketing roles in the semiconductor industry along with two startup ventures.

He has spent 10 years in the venture capital side investing in early-stage startups in the cloud-based economy and helping the venture launch SaaS solutions. He now runs Accurate Marketing as a digital marketing agency and SV Financial as venture debt and commercial capital advisory.

He has lectured in Marketing at UC Santa Cruz and at SCORE and SBA non-profit. He has an MBA from Duke Business School, MSEE from the University of Wisconsin, and BSEE from BITS-Pilani in India.

IEEE Silicon Valley Startup Special Interest Group

IEEE Silicon Valley Startup Special Interest Group (SIG) is to foster a network of experienced and budding entrepreneurs to share ideas/best practices and collaborate on startup opportunities. IEEE Silicon Valley Startup SIG is founded by Joseph Wei, Chair-Emeritus of the IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section (SCV) and Consumer Technology Society-SCV, a serial entrepreneur, startup coach/mentor with experience in corporate venture, and in running his own startup incubator.

Mission of IEEE Silicon Valley Startup SIG:

  • Create a network for SCV members and non-members to collaborate on startup opportunities
  • Provide training/workshops on entrepreneurship, founding and growing a successful startup
  • Demonstrate the values of IEEE membership, resources, and network in supporting startups
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