The Water Council

FALL 2021 TECH CHALLENGE – The Water Council

Applications are now open for The Water Council’s Fall 2021 Tech Challenge. The Water Council and its sponsors – A. O. Smith Corporation, Badger Meter, Watts Water Technologies, and Xylem – are looking for solutions in the following categories:

  • Technology solutions to lower operating expenses in aerobic wastewater treatment
  • IoT-enabled water quality sensors
  • Microbial control in distribution systems and buildings

Selected applicants will present their solutions to the corporate sponsors to compete for up to US$10,000 in funding, the potential for joint commercialization, and access to sponsoring companies’ R&D expertise.

Registration: https://thewatercouncil.com/programs/tech-challenge/register/
Application Deadline: 01 November 2021

Water technology innovators from anywhere in the world — including individuals, university students or researchers, water professionals, or private-sector and government labs — are invited to apply.

As an applicant, your application will be reviewed by the corporate R&D team sponsors, and if you are chosen, you’ll get the opportunity to present your innovation to A.O. Smith, Badger Meter, Watts Water Technologies, and Xylem to compete for:

  • A top prize of US$10,000
  • Opportunity for joint commercialization with market leaders
  • Access to sponsoring companies’ R&D team expertise

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