Virtual Content | Entrepreneurial Program

2021 IEEE 5G World Forum

Virtual Content | Entrepreneurial Program

The 2021 IEEE 5G World Forum brought together contributors who have been cultivating future networks technology and applications for the benefit of society. It emphasized novel architectures that support not only traditional mobile broadband technology but also vertical industry.

As part of the entrepreneurial program – Entrepreneurship and Innovations Forum – which took place on 14 October 2021, IEEE Entrepreneurship collaborated with the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society (BTS) to present Entrepreneurship in 5G.

In this session, presenters discussed the factors that cause startups/products to fail in the 5G space, with a specific focus on technical challenges, best practices, and possibilities for improvement.

The speakers provided case studies into the various phases of innovation and product development and learn about the circumstances that contribute to the high and lows of entrepreneurship in the 5G and broadcast industries.


Peter Dougherty

Samina Husain

Amit Jain






Jad Meouchy

Randi Sumner