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Introduction to Digital Marketing Course

IEEE Entrepreneurship Announces Official Course Launch via IEEE Learning Network (ILN) platform

Introduction to Digital Marketing Course

By Subodha Charles

IEEE Entrepreneurship is pleased to announce the official launch of the Introduction to Digital Marketing via the IEEE Learning Network (ILN) platform.

Calling all interested parties, including IEEE members, engineering students, aspiring entrepreneurs, and start-ups!

This introductory course aims to provide a basic understanding of Digital Marketing concepts for fresh graduates and aspiring entrepreneurs who are ready to step into industry or start their own company.

The course provides a solid foundation for anyone to get started on their own in digital marketing.

In an era where the world is moving away from the traditional marketing techniques and moving more and more into the digital marketing domain, having a basic understanding is essential for most people, especially if you are an entrepreneur.

The foundation acquired through this course can help drive self-learning and also go into detail about more advanced concepts.

Why should you register?

Topics included in the course are:

Module 1: Introduction and Marketing Fundamentals

  • This module provides you with a clear introduction and a comprehensive framework to Digital Marketing that helps you get started. Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to;
    • Understand the fundamentals of Digital Marketing
    • Learn a framework that can guide all your Digital Marketing efforts.

Module 2: Content Strategy

  • How to process your Digital Marketing efforts with a proper content strategy?
  • Learn the core elements and best practices of the content creation process to make content strategies that align with the customer journeys. This module contains the necessary ingredients to get started with your content strategy.

Module 3: Social Media Marketing

  • Take your brands to where the attention is through Social Media Marketing.
  • Learn how to choose the right social media channels to achieve your marketing objectives, best practices to follow, and tactics to place social media marketing campaigns that give you conversions.

Module 4: Search Engine Optimization

  • Make sure your website is coming up in the search results of your potential customers through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Learn how SEO works, different types of SEO, and various techniques to equip your SEO process.

Get started today, register now!

Don’t wait to take advantage of this opportunity and get connected with your future today!

Sponsorship Opportunities

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If you are interested, please contact Tom Monaco directly.

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