What Do You Want to See Demystified

The Demystifying Series

What Do You Want to See Demystified

By Lauren Beighley

As the engineering-driven startup community within IEEE, IEEE Entrepreneurship delights in its ongoing mission to foster entrepreneurial engineering and technological innovation for the benefit of humanity via the Demystifying Series.

The goal of the Demystifying Series is to provide real-world knowledge and advice from those who have both knowledge and experience on the topic. Each conversation aims to offer valuable insight to entrepreneurial start-ups and to dispel general misconceptions.

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The Demystifying Series is not a how-to, webinar, or lecture series, but rather it is a conversation, with its own brand. Topics revolve around the entrepreneurial journey from ideation to startup from the perspective of experienced entrepreneurs and investors. The fireside chat format, reminiscent of the Roosevelt era, allows for a more personal touch, acting as the Bering Strait to the audience.

Keep a lookout for some more additions coming in 2021.

  • Demystifying Start-up Funding 
  • Demystifying Pitching
  • Demystifying Diversity
  • Demystifying UN-SDGs
  • Demystifying IEEE Entrepreneurship
  • Demystifying Technology Transfer 
  • Demystifying Accelerators & Incubators 
  • Demystifying Company Entities – LLC, C-Corp, Sole Proprietorship, etc. 
  • Demystifying Business Models
  • Demystifying Accounting & Finance