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$40M earmarked by NIA to fund for AI/Healthtech startups

Intersection of AI + Aging

$40M earmarked by NIA to fund for AI/Healthtech startups at the intersection of AI + Aging

The a2 Collective is soliciting a2 Pilot Awards applications from AI/Healthtech startups who want to leverage AI and emerging technology approaches that will improve the care and health outcomes for older Americans, including those with dementia.

Pilot project applications may request up to $200,000 in non-dilutive direct costs.

Awardees will also be eligible to receive $10,000 in AWS credits. Read More.

Application Deadline: 18 February 2022

The a2 Collective is a Program funded by the NIA and comprised of three Artificial Intelligence and Technology Collaboratories for Aging Research (AITC): Johns Hopkins AI & Technology Collaboratory for Aging Research, Massachusetts AI & Technology Center for Connected Care in Aging & Alzheimer’s Disease, and Penn Artificial Intelligence and Technology Collaboratory for Healthy Aging.