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Thank You To Our Patreon's

IEEE Entrepreneurship on Patreon

Thank You To Our Patreon’s

On behalf of IEEE Entrepreneurship on Patreon, we would like to thank our newest Patreon’s for their valued support and participation!

Faiz Ikramulla
Henk Visser

Their monthly pledges directly support programs and services for the engineering-driven entrepreneurs in our community.

Our community is at the forefront of turning ideas into successful businesses. We make it a priority to help our members not just launch, but grow their ventures and facilitate the networking and mentoring of those who have the passion to translate their vision into reality.  Your pledge on Patreon directly supports programs and services for the engineering-driven entrepreneurs in our community.

Subscribers will get access to a suite of perks including:

Silver Supporter

Your pledge of US$1 a month guarantees that you / your company will be recognized in our monthly Patreon “Thank You” article located on the front page of

Gold Supporter

Your pledge of US$5 a month will grant you access to one monthly virtual event where members of the IEEE Entrepreneurship community will discuss the factors that cause startups / products to fail, the technical challenges of engineering-driven entrepreneurship, best practices and possibilities for improvement, case studies into the various phases of innovation and product development and much more.  Exclusive to Patreons!

  • Also includes the Silver Support perk!
Thank you once again to our Patreon’s for your contribution towards IEEE Entrepreneurship’s mission to foster entrepreneurial engineering and technological innovation for the benefit of humanity!