IEEE Entrepreneurship Launches Deep Tech Speaker Database


IEEE Entrepreneurship Launches Deep Tech Speaker Database

By Andra Keay

Investment in Deep Tech startups has become a hot topic, and opportunities have never been better for founders or investors. But the most exciting thing about this rapidly growing Deep Tech ecosystem is discovering startups that may have the solution for difficult global challenges. Startups that aren’t satisfied with just getting you takeout food faster are startups that are going to transform the world.

The term Deep Tech describes science-based technologies that will have a disruptive or breakthrough application. Where some research-based startups provide small or incremental advances, a true Deep Tech startup changes a fundamental paradigm in how we go about things. That means the risk is much greater, but then so are the rewards.

IEEE Entrepreneurship supports all science, technology, and engineering-based founders, but we also have a Deep Tech Team on a mission to support Deep Tech startups. Our latest initiative is the IEEE Entrepreneurship Deep Tech Speakers Database, which will make it possible for conference and event organizers to search for speakers and startup founders in technologies like collaborative robotics, nanotech, genomics, AI, advanced materials, climate technology, regenerative agriculture, quantum computing, and space exploration.

We will be working with IEEE sections and external conference organizers to identify expert speakers with entrepreneurial experience and revolutionary breakthrough technologies.

Andra Keay

Our goal is to amplify Deep Tech startups’ success stories, enhance their profiles, and showcase what’s possible to anyone interested in our future. We’ll also be launching the Demystifying Deep Tech Manufacturing Series and helping startups to showcase at top events.

If you are or know someone who lives up to this description, please apply now or share the opportunity!

Deep Tech is impactful but also difficult to understand and surrounded by far too much hype and misinformation. Deep Tech is out of the research lab and has an impact in the real world. Help us steer business, policy, and media towards the real story!