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Demystifying Deep Tech Manufacturing - Episode Five

Demystifying Deep Tech Manufacturing Series

Demystifying Deep Tech Manufacturing – Tra Vu

Demystifying Deep Tech Manufacturing – Episode Five features real-world knowledge and advice from those with experience on the topic: Tra Vu, COO, OhmniLabs™, and Andra Keay, 2022 Team Lead, Deep Tech Team, 2022 IEEE Entrepreneurship Steering Committee.

The Demystifying Deep Tech Manufacturing Series aims to answer how to best support emerging deep tech startups from the perspective of deep tech founders.

A lot of content exists about helping startups form and go from idea to prototype.

But what about the critical next stage, going from prototype to production?

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  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 7:23 Company Description: Tra Vu – (Omni Telepresence Robot)
  • 14:24 Scaling to Production: How did you scale 3D printing at production requirements?
  • 10:12 Manufacturing: How were the first units manufactured?
  • 21:34 Manufacturing: What characteristics did you look for in a manufacturing space?
  • 23:22 Manufacturing: How did you implement flooring in your manufacturing?
  • 26:24 Manufacturing: How do you manage variability in a 3D printing farm?
  • 31:17 Manufacturing: How did you decide to in-source system modules?
  • 28:09 Supply Chain: How do you manage the supply chain process?
  • 36:27 Advise and Support: How do you engage with experts to help you through the process?
  • 2:19 Advise and Support: What were the skills you had that helped in the process? What skills did you need to develop?
  • 39:30 Final Words