By: Lauren Beighley

IEEE Entrepreneurship attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to seek out the first startups to be inducted into the 2022 Stars Cohort.

CES is a gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as a proving ground for innovators and breakthrough-technologies for 50 years. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, CES attracts world business leaders and pioneering thinkers.

IEEE Entrepreneurship Star judges were on-site in Eureka Park to identify competition candidate ventures with engineering-driven innovation at their core that align with the IEEE core purpose to foster technology, innovation, and excellence for the benefit of humanity.  IEEE Entrepreneurship would like to offer the utmost gratitude for the volunteer time and effort of our 2022 CES team of judges:

Simay Akar | Vice-Chair – Products | IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars Judge

Andra Keay | 2022 Team Lead – Deep Tech Core Team | IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars Judge







IEEE Entrepreneurship recognizes the following companies as IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars:

The Cambrian™ Battery is an organic material-based carbon battery developed by the Japanese manufacturer PJP Eye in collaboration with Kyushu University. With its perfectly balanced performance, reliability, and sustainability at the same time, The Cambrian™ Battery is here to disrupt the industry.

PJP Eye. Ltd. / Laboratory 6 at CES 2022

Ocean Grazer B.V. develops the Ocean Battery, a breakthrough solution based on proprietary key enabling technology to solve the huge challenge of balancing supply and demand for the global offshore wind industry due to intermittent production of wind power.

The Ocean Battery is a pumped hydro system in a box that provides eco-friendly utility-scale energy storage up to GWh scale. The mechanism is based on hydro dam technology, which has proven itself for over a century as highly reliable and efficient.

Ocean Grazer B.V. at CES 2022.

BTE INC. researches and develops hydrogen fuel cells, refuelers, and vehicles. BTE INC. specializes in hydrogen refuellers for small mobility. They are powered by hydrogen fuel cells such as hydrogen drones, forklifts, bikes, etc.

BTE INC. at CES 2022

Cearitis offers a natural alternative to insecticides to protect arboriculture from bioaggressors, and in particular, against Diptera. Their innovative biocontrol system uses attractive and repellent chemical mediators. They identify and stabilize them to integrate them into a push-pull mechanism in the field. This system is available and adaptable to any type of crop.

Cearitis at CES 2022

Founded in 2021, Héole is developing a technology of electric generators in fabrics and membranes based on organic photovoltaic cells: OPVs. Thanks to this new technology, Héole designs real sails and solar envelopes to meet the energy needs of boats and airships.


IEEE looks forward to attending CES next year in 2023. Congratulations to our IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars!