Federal Business Accelerator Program

ScaleUP USA Federal Startup ACCELERATOR

By Nitin Pradhan

Introducing ScaleUP USA Federal Startup Accelerator.

ScaleUP USA is a Washington DC metro region-based federal startup accelerator focused on growing startups and businesses of all sizes and shapes by helping them learn how to win and execute federal government opportunities in the US$10T, a recession-proof, US federal marketplace. Nitin Pradhan, ScaleUP USA founder, is a former Obama-Biden appointee and US federal government CIO.

Who Should Join the Federal Startup Accelerator?

IEEE members working in academia, research, industry, startups, home businesses, small businesses, established businesses, and governments in the fields of electrical engineering, computer science, telecommunications, information technology, robotics, AI, power and energy, biomedical engineering, aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, transportation, and other high-tech fields are encouraged to join the ScaleUP USA Federal Startup Accelerator. The four-stage program requires no equity dilution and can be completed part-time and remotely.

The US Federal Government Opportunities.

The US federal government is a marketplace of limitless potential. In 2021, the US federal government spent around US$7.5 trillion on grants and fixed charges and an additional US$1.1 trillion on contracts and supplies. The federal government also directly or indirectly employs over 9 million federal employees, contractors, consultants, researchers, and advisors – nationwide. Yet, unfortunately, for those who do or plan to do business with the government, there is no formal learning process to visualize, strategize, plan, implement, and continuously improve their federal business growth and execution strategy. Many muddle their way through, leading by trial and error, and often fail. Therefore, winners keep winning, and losers keep losing.

Winning Federal Opportunities!

ScaleUP USA therefore, designed the four-stage Federal Startup Accelerator Program after significant research, brainstorming, pilots, and interviews with government and industry professionals. The program is delivered digitally to desktop or mobile devices, is always on, highly scalable, low investment, very affordable, requires no equity dilution, and operates across America and even globally.  This program provides roadmaps, best practices, processes, procedures, methods, references, case studies, and practicums for how to establish, grow, win, administer, and execute business with the US federal government.

STEP 1: Start with FREE Accelerator Workshop (Introductory Program)
Check if the ScaleUP USA Federal Startup Accelerator is RIGHT for YOU!

This program starts with the free 90-minute “Ready for Government Business?” workshop to help your members decide if the US federal marketplace is a good fit for them to do consulting, contracting, product supplying, or beginning a startup journey. This is an always-on program that any of the IEEE members can take to self-assess their interest, need, and opportunity to work in the US federal marketplace.

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STEP 2: Join Federal Startup Accelerator (Foundational Program)
Includes Federal Business Accelerator Program with 10+ Bundled Courses. 

ScaleUP USA’s foundational “Federal Business Accelerator Bundled Program” consists of 10+ video-based targeted courses plus practicums. This foundational program is delivered digitally, is always on, is highly scalable, is a low investment of time, is very affordable, requires no equity dilution, and operates across America and globally.  This foundational program should provide sufficient guidance for most participating members to start building their federal government practice.

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STEP 3: Apply for Federal Partnerships Marketplace (Intermediate Program)
Join the Small Business Products and Services Video Marketplace.

Here, ScaleUP USA has a consultative intermediate-level “Federal Partnerships Marketplace.”  This curated, video-based marketplace showcases participating small business products, and digitally services the government ecosystem of direct government buyers and indirect government contractor buyers!

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STEP 4: Apply for Industry Powered Learning (Advanced Program)
Educate the Government Ecosystem About Transformative Innovations.

The Advanced “Industry Powered Learning Master Program” is a futuristic consultative program for “thought leader” businesses to educate buyers in governments and government ecosystems, on transformative research, technologies, business models, and disruptive innovations for integration in future government programs and systems.

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