Technology Transfer: Exploring Avenues from Research to the Market


Technology Transfer: Exploring Avenues from Research to the Market

Welcome to IEEE Entrepreneurship! We are excited to announce the launch of our new pilot program for Region 9 aimed at assisting scientists in commercializing their projects. Our objective is to cultivate a thriving deep tech entrepreneurship ecosystem and inspire more researchers and students to pursue entrepreneurship and technology transfer.

Through a series of informative webinars (starting in May through August), we aim to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to successfully navigate the entrepreneurial landscape. Our program will culminate in the Panama IEEE Entrepreneurship Week on September 11-15, 2023 in the City of Knowledge, providing an opportunity for participants to network, collaborate, and showcase their ideas. This workshop will focus on a startup creation, which is one of the different avenues that we can use to commercialize our research.

Join us on this exciting journey as we empower scientists to turn their cutting-edge research into successful ventures. We look forward to helping you transform your ideas into reality.

Join us in Panama for a Tech Transfer Workshop

Join us for an exciting and informative day at the “Tech Transfer Workshop” in Panama City on Monday, September 10th. This event, organized by IEEE Entrepreneurship offers a unique opportunity to explore deep tech opportunities and learn how to leverage your research in the market. Hear from industry experts such as Omar Zahr and Constanza Nieto as they share insights on the landscape, market potential, and pitching strategies. Discover how to protect your intellectual property and navigate the path from invention to innovation. Participate in hands-on mentor sprints, enjoy networking opportunities during lunch and coffee breaks, and witness pitch presentations with industry experts. The day concludes with a closing cocktail and the announcement of the winner. Don’t miss out on this exceptional event! Register now to secure your spot among the limited 50 available slots. Additionally, if you reside in a Latin American country, you have the chance to apply for one of the three scholarships covering airfare. It’s an event you won’t want to miss!

Travel Grants Available

As part of this program, IEEE Entrepreneurship will sponsor two travel grants to participate in the IEEE Entrepreneurship workshop in Panama City, from September 11-15.

The travel grant will cover:

  • Travel ticket from/to Panama City from September 11-September 15
  • Hotel
  • Meals
  • Workshop program

Minimum requirements:  

  • IEEE member from Region 9 (Mexico, Central America, South America, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic)
  • Attendance to all of the  4 webinars and previously signed up in the application form

Evaluation criteria: 

  • Potentially working on research
  • Interest in tech transfer and commercialization
  • Researchers whose projects have more market potential and are more advanced in their process (proved prototype) will be considered first.
  • Other criteria to be considered according to the IEEE Entrepreneurship Workshop

Our previous webinars:

From Invention to Innovation: Routes and Alternatives for a Researcher to Convert an Invention into Innovation Adopted by the Market with Constanza Nieto.

Tech Transfer Success Stories: How Scientists Have Commercialized Their Research Successfully with Susana Lau Panelists: Rafael Sotelo, Adolfo Nemirovsky, Susana Fiorentino Gomez

Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer in Driving Innovation and Economic Growth with Omar Zahr

What is deep-tech and why is its innovation important for the economy and society? In this webinar, we’ll be defining deep-technology innovation; looking at the challenges and advantages of deep-technology innovation over incremental innovation; defining disruption, and examining the market and regulatory barriers to implementation.

Join us to learn about development timelines, the high costs and long development timelines, examples of successful deep-technology innovations, and why now is a great time to be doing deep-technology innovation.

The Role of University Researchers and Technology Transfer Offices in Deep-Technology Innovation with Omar Zahr

What role do university researchers and technology transfer offices play in deep-technology innovation? In this webinar, we’ll examine how can researchers plan ahead for IP and licensing; industry collaboration, technology transfer and company building; the support ecosystem for entrepreneurs and start-ups, and how university researchers and technology transfer offices benefit from getting involved.

Links to the webinars will be posted as available.