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Welcome Message from the 2023 IEEE Entrepreneurship Chair

By Joanne Wong

Welcome Message from the 2023 IEEE Entrepreneurship Chair

By Joanne Wong

As the 2023 Chair of IEEE Entrepreneurship, I wish you all great success in your business for the new year.  The last year has been challenging for founders’ fundraising.  Hopefully, this year the tide will turn, and entrepreneurs will be able to grow with the appropriate financial support.  

In 2023, IEEE Entrepreneurship looks to support IEEE members’ startup journies by helping them build and grow through its entrepreneurial and investor teams, as well as its IEEE-specific entrepreneurship programming.

Joanne Wong

IEEE Entrepreneurship welcomes its 2023 Steering Committee, comprised of its leadership teams representing IEEE global regions, all coming from the entrepreneurial ecosystem through either being an entrepreneur, an investor, or being part of the infrastructure supporting entrepreneurs.

Continuing the build and success of the past years, IEEE Entrepreneurship will support its IEEE membered entrepreneurs with its programming of technology transfer, deep technology, women entrepreneurs support network, mentoring entrepreneurs, manufacturing resources, and entrepreneurship workshops and conferences.

The Tech Transfer Core Team has developed invaluable programming for IEEE flagship conferences to help academic researchers commercialize their research and/or patents.  In 2023, we will be offering entrepreneurship workshops at IEEE Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IEEE CAI), IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE), and IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC).  If your society would like to offer entrepreneurship as part of your flagship conferences, please contact IEEE Entrepreneurship Program Manager Tom Monaco.

In 2022, the Deep Tech Core Team developed the Demystifying Deep Tech Manufacturing Series.  The team plans to add to this series of videos to continue helping deep tech startups with the challenges of manufacturing their technology as startups expand their operations.  After extensive surveys and research, the team realized there was a lack of deep tech manufacturing course content and workshops.  Consequently, the team will start this development in 2023.  The team will also begin building a list of deep-tech manufacturing processes and online resources.

For the past year, the Women Entrepreneurs Core Team has built a peer network infrastructure to support women tech entrepreneurs from around the world.  The team is just starting and has already offered and continue to offer a series of webinars for women tech entrepreneurs to help them start or grow their tech businesses.  Plans are also underway to have the network offer support in multiple languages, based on demand.  To learn more,  you can watch this short video, or you can read the launch article.  As a woman tech entrepreneur,  you can apply to join online.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an entrepreneur looking to grow,  you can sign up for the IEEE Entrepreneurship Mentors Program.  You will benefit from a free hour of mentorship with our global network of mentors coming from the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

After consistent requests from startup founders, IEEE membered investors are creating a new program for 2023 as to how best to get our IEEE membered startups connected with investors, either regionally or in the deep tech arena.  Stay tuned as this develops.

In 2023, we continue to look at how best to expand our programs to best support IEEE membered entrepreneurs; please connect with us and join the IEEE Entrepreneurship CommunityWe want your ideas, plus we are always looking for volunteers.

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