Welcome Message from the Latin America Region Team

2023 IEEE Entrepreneurship Steering Committee

Welcome Message from the Latin America Region Team

By Susana Lau

IEEE Entrepreneurship is excited to announce the new Latin America Region Team, composed of experienced professionals who will bring their unique expertise to support IEEE members in Latin America. Each member of the team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help drive IEEE’s mission to advance technology for humanity and promote entrepreneurship in our region:

The Latin America Region Team includes:

Susana Lau is a consultant in information technology with more than ten years of experience. She is the founder and director of EtyaLab, a company that develops custom software development. In addition to her work in IT, Susana is an active IEEE volunteer and advocate for women in STEM and entrepreneurship. She is the current president of the IEEE Panama Section (2023-2024) and is a mentor and speaker at various educational events and conferences. Lau co-founded a non-profit Fundación CREEA to execute social programs in education and entrepreneurship and serves as a board member for a company in the insurance and banking industry. Susana holds a Telecommunications Engineering degree and a Master of Science in Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon University, USA, through a Fulbright fellowship. Susana is a 2023 Vice Chair – Products & the Latin America Region Team Lead on the 2023 IEEE Entrepreneurship Steering Committee and was an Affinity Groups: WiE Liaison on the 2021 IEEE Entrepreneurship Steering Committee.

Constanza Nieto is a seasoned entrepreneur, founder, CEO, investor, business executive, and consultant with over 25 years of experience in innovation and global expansion for private and public corporations and government institutions in Latin America and the USA. She co-founded Globaltech Bridge in 2005, a Silicon Valley organization that supports innovation and global expansion of Latin American and US companies. As CEO and consultant at Globaltech, Constanza has successfully assisted governments, investors, and entrepreneurs in evaluating, selecting, and supporting companies in plans for innovation and global expansion. She has also worked on numerous programs and initiatives related to innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology transfer, including supporting women entrepreneurs, designing and implementing corporate innovation programs, and judging, mentoring, and investing in startups. Before her current work, she founded BBVA Horizonte in Colombia, AFP Prevision in Bolivia, and AFP Prevision in El Salvador.

Roxana Saint-Nom is a telecommunications electrical engineer. She has had a 25-year academic career at ITBA, a prestigious Argentinian University, and eight years in industry as a consultant and project manager, focusing on developing technological products involving software, AI, and hardware. Roxana is an IEEE volunteer and has held several leadership positions at the Argentina Section, Women in Engineering, and Signal Processing Society. She was recently elected as the IEEE Signal Processing Society Vice-President of Education (2023-2025) and currently chairs the IEEE Region 9 Industry Engagement Committee (2021-2023). Roxana’s field for post-graduate studies is Speech Signal Processing.

Rafel Sotelo is a highly accomplished electrical engineer. He is currently the Director of Research at the School of Engineering, Universidad de Montevideo, and a professor at the Universidad de la República. In addition, he is the co-founder and President of the start-up Quantum-South. Rafael has worked for over 20 years in Broadcast, Cable, Telecommunications, and IT companies and has been a consultant for the Ministry of Industry and Laboratorio Tecnológico del Uruguay. He is a member of the National Research System, a Fellow of the National Academy of Engineering of Uruguay, and a Senior Member of the IEEE. His research areas are Quantum Computing, Video Quality of Experience, and Industrial and social applications of artificial intelligence and technology. Rafel earned a Ph.D. from the University of Vigo and an MBA from the Universidad de Montevideo.

Juan Galindo is an electronics engineer whose passion lies in the transformative power of technology in society, the economy, and the environment. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Information Systems, focusing on hardware, simulation, and machine learning systems. Juan is also the founder of Vita Tecnologia, a startup dedicated to democratizing diagnosis, particularly for women in remote areas. As an IEEE volunteer since 2007, Juan is an active member of the IEEE Industry Engagement Committee for Latin America.

The Latin America Region Team will work to support IEEE members in the region by providing access to resources, networking opportunities, and webinars focused on technology transfer, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

The Latin America Region Team will work to advance technology for humanity and support our members in the region. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming programs and events, and don’t forget to subscribe to the IEEE Entrepreneurship Newsletter to stay connected!