STARS @ Web Summit Rio | 2024 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


STARS @ Web Summit Rio | 2024 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

By: Lauren Beighley

IEEE Entrepreneurship attended Web Summit Rio to seek out the next startups to be inducted into the 2024 Stars Cohort.

IEEE Judge, Susana Lau at Web Summit Rio 2024

Web Summit Rio is an international tech conference gathering over 34,000 people and 100 countries, including more than 500 speakers and over 1,000 startups.

IEEE Entrepreneurship Star Judges identify competition candidate ventures with engineering-driven innovation at their core that align with the IEEE core purpose to foster technology, innovation, and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

IEEE Entrepreneurship would like to offer the utmost gratitude for the volunteer time and effort of our 2024 Web Summit Rio judge, Susana Lau.

IEEE Entrepreneurship recognizes the following companies as IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars:

Innova Space designs and develops PicoSatellites to democratize access to IoT satellite communications. The startup provides satellites, monitoring applications, and platforms; the impact is revolutionizing satellite technology due to size, low launch cost, and service provision. Located in Argentina, Innova Space offers access to economical turnkey space, dramatically lowering satellite costs.


Think:AI is an innovative leader in technology, generative artificial intelligence (AI), and cutting-edge product development.The startup company, located in Brazil, develops products related to AI, including the possibility for companies to acquire their own “ChatGPT” using private information and on-premises services.For the Think:AI Group, every challenge is a chance to collaborate. Whether wanting to overcome everyday obstacles or innovate in markets, they are at your side!


VoxCell BioInnovation Inc. is developing human-like cancer tissue models as drug screening platforms.These tissues are customized through innovative partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and CROs, focused on increasing the translation between the preclinical and clinical phases of drug development. The tissue models are created by their proprietary technology: trade-secret vascularization software, Universal Bioink™, and a custom perfusion device.The company is forging a new way forward in 3D bioprinting by creating human-like tissue models.