IEEE Entrepreneurship Steering Committee Nominations

Thank you for your interest in the 2020 IEEE Entrepreneurship Steering Committee Nominations!

Nominations for the 2020 leadership team will be open from 12 August to 16 September.

Anyone may submit a nomination; you do not need to be an IEEE member to submit a nomination, but may become a factor in final selections.  Self-nominations are permitted and encouraged.  IEEE Organizational units may submit recommendations if the governing body or its designee has endorsed the candidate.  

EligibilityIEEE Entrepreneurship Initiative encourages and welcome members to join the committee. However, the nominees should have reasonable experience to conduct the expected duties.

Volunteers who have served in a role on the committee immediately prior to the nominations year are eligible for further service, however, must also complete the nomination form.

TermThe 2020 committee would serve through 31 December 2020. 

DutiesThe duties of the officers can be found on the Volunteer Role Descriptions Page.

The IEEE Entrepreneurship Committee Chair will post the results newly appointed committee on the IEEE Entrepreneurship Portal following selection.

IEEE greatly values the contributions of the volunteers and we hope you will consider volunteering for a committee position next year.

IEEE Entrepreneurship Steering Committee Nominations