IEEE N3XT® Affiliate Event Guidebook

Host an IEEE N3XT® Affiliate Event

IEEE N3XT® Affiliate Events are focused on bringing skills and inspiration to the next generation of entrepreneurs. If you or your organization are hosting an event that you believe could mutually benefit from a partnership with IEEE Entrepreneurship, then you will want to review this guidebook following your application and acceptance to the IEEE N3XT® Affiliate Event Program. Running your event as an IEEE N3XT Affiliate Event ensures that you will be able to leverage your program to its intended audience of engineering-driven entrepreneurs with help from our staff, speakers, and volunteers, bringing your agenda from good to great.

IEEE owns the trademark for IEEE N3XT® and licenses the brand for use on an approval basis. Currently, the IEEE N3XT® brand is available in an add-on format, meaning that an IEEE N3XT® Affiliate Event may be added to a larger event or conference — as a session, meetup, workshop, or other iteration, that is differentiates it within the flagship event. These events should embrace new style methodologies and produced event formats that would appeal to these audiences.

Suggested Event Add-on Formats

VIP Lounge

Create a special access level of registration for a VIP lounge. In this lounge you offer Internet, snacks, perhaps even a cash bar in the afternoon or an espresso station. Those with VIP access can enjoy the lounge at any time and event speakers can be given automatic access to the lounge as well. Examples include IEEE N3XT® Toronto 2015, IEEE N3XT® Austin 2016, and IEEE N3XT® Toronto 2016.

Meetup and Mentor

IEEE Entrepreneurship staff and volunteers will work with our network of experts to bring in local entrepreneurs for networking and mentoring. Your event provides a basic reception setup, with light food and beverage, and promotes to attendees and the local community.

Track Sessions

IEEE Entrepreneurship staff and volunteers can work with your event organizers to create track sessions with content focused on engineering driven entrepreneurship. This content can include success stories, pitch workshops, skills building sessions, or other relevant items. Examples include International Conference on Environmental Engineering, TEMSCON 2018, IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence 2018, and IEEE-USA Future Leaders Forum 2018.

Live Virtual Events

IEEE Entrepreneurship staff and volunteers can work with your event organizers to produce live content web based audience. Using live streaming platforms such as Google Hangouts or Periscope we can facilitate the production panel discussions or special interviews for digital attendees. Examples include IEEE N3XT® Toronto 2016, IEEE #WIEWednesday Virtual Track, and IEEE N3XT® Keynote Event & AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup International Finals.

Full Day Workshop

IEEE N3XT® can work with you to create a full day workshop with a variety of entrepreneurship related content.

IEEE N3XT® Stars Program

IEEE Staff and volunteers can work with your team to conduct an IEEE N3XT® Star Program at an already existing Technology Startup Competition. This program is designed to review competitors that align and support the mission of IEEE and IEEE Entrepreneurship from within the event competition pool to be selected into a cohort of honorees for the year. Early-stage companies are selected in acknowledgment of their progress and potential in bringing engineering-driven innovations to market in areas of technology that overlap with IEEE’s field of interest. To view companies that have been honored into a cohort as well as the past and upcoming events that have hosted this program, visit the IEEE N3XT® Star Program website. The logistics behind this program will likely be better executed if there is a local to the event volunteer lead with strong industry and business experience who can serve as a judge within the program selection process.

AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup

The AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup is an international pitch competition for early-stage hardware startups. Companies are selected to pitch in regional competitions for a chance to compete for a grand prize of $50,000. As an IEEE Entrepreneurship partner AlphaLab Gear has made their start-up competition toolkit available as an IEEE N3XT® Affiliate Event extension. You are welcome to propose a new format for your event. This will be reviewed by IEEE Entrepreneurship staff and volunteers and will be subject to approval. The event you receive a license for is the only one which may host an IEEE N3XT® Affiliate Event. Other events will need to obtain their own license to host another IEEE N3XT® Affiliate Event. Preview the AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup Guidebook here.


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