IEEE N3XT® Affiliated Events

IEEE N3XT® Affiliate Event programming targets:

  • Aspiring, early-stage, or successful technical entrepreneurs;
  • Those wishing to transform their education ideas into inventions or applications;
  • Those interested in learning from conversations with founder peers and the larger
  • engineering-driven startup community;
  • Ecosystem communities including incubators, accelerators, investors and service providers.
  • Anyone who shows the entrepreneurial spirit – e.g. women, minorities, students…

By bringing together the technical entrepreneur community, this event fosters collaboration and
skills-building to entrepreneurs looking to make their mark.

Host​ ​an​ ​IEEE​ ​N3XT​® ​Affiliate​ ​Event

IEEE owns the trademark for IEEE N3XT® and licenses the brand for use on an approval basis. Currently, the IEEE N3XT® brand is available in an add-on format, meaning that an IEEE N3XT® Affiliate Event may be added to a larger event or conference, as a session, meetup, workshop, or other iteration, that is differentiated from the standalone flagship event.
IEEE N3XT® Affiliate Events are focused on bringing skills and inspiration to the next generation of
entrepreneurs. These events should embrace new style methodologies and produced event formats that would appeal to these audiences.

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IEEE N3XT® Affiliate Events

Upcoming Affiliate Events
Past Affiliate Events

IEEE TEMSCON 2018 Failing for Success: Lessons Learned in Innovation Program Overview As companies innovate, their ability to implement new ideas and the speed at which they bring those ideas to...
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IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence

The bi-annual IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (IEEE WCCI) is the largest technical event in the field of computational intelligence. The IEEE WCCI 2018 will host three conferences: The...
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International Conference on Magnetism

ICM 2018 is run concurrently with the International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, SCES 2018. ICM is a major international conference series with more than 2000 attendees expected from...
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IEEE Technology Time Machine

The 2018 IEEE Technology Time Machine will be held on October 31-November 1, 2018 at the Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa in San Diego, CA. The IEEE Technology Time Machine is the...
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Joshua Windmiller Headshot
Joshua Windmiller
Eric Tobias Headshot
Eric Tobias
Drew Taylor headshot
Drew Taylor
Meredith Perry Headshot
Meredith Perry
Rakesh Kumar Headshot
Rakesh Kumar

IEEE Vision Innovation Challenges Summit and Honors Ceremony

The IEEE Vision, Innovation & Challenges Summit (IEEE VIC) is a new addition to the IEEE Honors Ceremony and will include dynamic speakers in an interactive setting and culminate with...
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Kurt Peterson Headshot
Kurt Peterson, Phd
Craig Barratt Headshot
Craig Barratt
Mario Milicevic Headshot
Mario Milicevic
Samantha Snabes

International Conference on Environmental Engineering

The IEEE International Environmental Engineering Conference is the flagship conference of the IEEE Environmental Engineering Initiative (IEEE EEI), a multi-disciplinary collaboration across the whole IEEE directed to foster knowledge dissemination...
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Yotam Ariel Headshot
Yotam Ariel

IEEE TEMS International Symposium on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ISIE)

The mission of the IEEE TEMS International Symposium on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ISIE) is to help promote and advance knowledge in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. Through encouraging discussions...
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IEEE Region 2 Student Activities Conference

Hosted by Pitt for the 2017-2018 school year, this annual student led conference is held in April 2018 attracting over 250 engineering students from over 25 universities across the Northeastern...
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HKN Student Leadership Conference

  IEEE Entrepreneurship is working with IEEE-HKN to produce a panel on Sunday 15 April 2018 at the Student Leadership conference in at the University of Gainsville, Florida between 9:30-11:30am....
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Courtney Powell Headshot
Courtney Powell
Shane Owens Headshot
Shane Owens
Laine Powell Headshot
Laine Powell
Robert Reynolds Headshot
Robert Reynolds

A 5-Day Workshop, organized by IEEE, ICTP and EAIFR

Background and purpose A 5-day workshop, organized by IEEE, ICTP and EAIFR, will be conducted at the University of Rwanda, Kigali. Participants will be introduced to the basics of entrepreneurship...
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Ken Stauffer

The 2018 IEEE VIC Summit

The 2018 IEEE Vision, Innovation, and Challenges Summit will take place on 11 May 2018 at The Palace Hotel San Francisco. The IEEE VIC Summit goes behind the scenes of...
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Ryan Cousins
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Veronica Osinski
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Kevin Noertker
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Matthew Fiedler