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2016 | IEEE Technology Time Machine

2016 | IEEE Technology Time Machine

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This event is an IEEE N3XT® Affiliate Event, and will include a session that focuses on the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in science and engineering as it relates to the topic of the conference on the whole.

The 2016 IEEE Technology Time Machine will be held on October 10, 2016 at the Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa in San Diego, CA. The IEEE Technology Time Machine (TTM) is the IEEE’s flagship conference on future technology directions.

The overall theme of TTM 2016 is “Making the Future“. Building upon IEEE’s major technology initiatives, TTM 2016 will bring together high level renowned experts from research and industry to provide an overview of future technologies based on their research, products, and services. Keynote speakers and panelists will provide the participants with knowledge of the technologies so they can plan for the future, while recognizing possible immediate applications for today. This event is geared for top executives, key decision makers, industry leaders, technologists, government officials, scientific innovators, economists, and social policy makers.

TTM is an event organized by the IEEE Future Directions Committee (FDC), where the FDC is an incubator for emerging technologies. The areas chosen for TTM cover a wide synergistic range of business, social, political, and educational areas. This event is geared towards industry leaders, government officials, scientific innovators, economists, and social policy makers.


The 2016 TTM Speakers Included:

TTM has returned for 2018! For more information on the 2018 event, click here.

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