4th International Entrepreneurship Summer School

8:00 am
Democritus University of Thrace, Greece

4th International Entrepreneurship Summer School

The Democritus University of Thrace is hosting its 4th International Entrepreneurship Summer School to develop skills and insight on how to run a startup.  They will cover how to take a startup at an international level doing market research, assessing the conditions of international markets, and using strategic decision making on how to go global.

During the Summer School selected start ups, operating in the area of East Macedonia and Thrace, will be assigning real internationalisation project challenges to teams. A team, formed for the purpose of the summer school, will be assigned to each startup to work on each client’s (startup’s) internationalisation strategy. Teams will be expected to benefit by attending daily seminars on relevant topics. Mentors will be matched to each team to help them draft possible internationalisation strategies, evaluate market conditions and decide upon which strategy to choose.

Key Benefits for the participants: 

  • entrepreneurial venture skills
  • familiarise with robust methodologies for scaling startups at an international level
  • build knowledge on international strategy design
  • mentor’s help to overcome challenges

If you are interested in how to attend, click here.