CodeSprint Startup Battle

8:00 am
Colombo, Sri Lanka

CodeSprint Startup Battle

2018 CodeSprint 3.0 Logo. Presented by Ideamart

CodeSprint is the premier Inter-University Hackathon of Sri Lanka organized by the IEEE Student Branch of Informatics Institute of Technology, partnering up with Dialog Ideamart. CodeSprint organized consecutively in the IEEE year calendar has always been a technological-innovation based Hackathon where undergraduates are to come up with innovative solutions for burning issues existing both locally and globally.

In a technologically fast-pacing world, ideas seem to be the very first step in the ladder of success. Therefore,  undergraduates were expected to come up with feasible ideas and proper executions plans.

This year CodeSprint taking on the theme of “Youth Entrepreneurship Incubator and Startup Battle”, not only gives a platform for undergraduates for ideation, but also a platform for Entrepreneurial Endeavors. CodeSprint will take the participants on a journey from ideation to MVP through workshops and mentorship. Undergraduates will be given a span of one month to hack on their tech-based ideas, market-validate it and then put forward their MVP to a panel of investors to present their start-up idea.

Registration closes February 2nd. The Grand Finale is March 15th.

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