IEEE Region 2 Student Activities Conference

“including an IEEE N3XT® Entrepreneur Session"
8:00 am
University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

IEEE Region 2 Student Activities Conference

SAC 18. Student Activities Conference Logo

This event is an IEEE N3XT® Affiliate Event, and will include a session that focuses on the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in science and engineering as it relates to the topic of the conference on the whole.

Hosted by Pitt for the 2017-2018 school year, this annual student led conference is held in April 2018 attracting over 250 engineering students from over 25 universities across the Northeastern United States. Engineering students participate in a wide range of events from professional panels on the importance of professional organizations and diversity in the workplace to prize-driven competitions that focus on skills, such as programming, circuit design, and ethics. The conference offers many opportunities for employers, professionals, and students to network during professional development events.

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