IEEE-Madison Entrepreneurs and Consultants Network Meeting: LENR Discussion

7:45 am
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

IEEE-Madison Entrepreneurs and Consultants Network Meeting: LENR Discussion

Man In Research Facility

This Entrepreneurs and Consultants Network Meeting is specifically to view a presentation on novel LENR technology in a commercial setting.  The event will first view a live streaming event unveiling the latest device that uses LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) Technology dubbed E-cat SK developed by Leonardo Corporation. Opportunities for interactive questions will follow the viewing.  A post viewing opportunity to discuss the technology will happen for those attending the local viewing.

The E-Cat SK device is one of several similar devices under development by competing corporations. Hints of the possibility of LENR reactions have been traced as far back as Ben Franklin with his lightning experiments. Fleischman and Pons investigated it and announced their research as “Cold Fusion” in 1989.  It was immediately debunked as “junk science”. However since then, careful research has shown that the reaction did in fact generate more energy as heat than the input energy. In addition, the Department of Defense has offered commercialization patents for related reactions.

In the past few months, several periodicals have published articles about LENR.

One article titled “Scientists in the U.S. and Japan Get Serious About Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions: It’s absolutely, definitely, seriously not cold fusion” was published in IEEE Spectrum here. The author, Michael Koziol, points to two events that he finds significant:

A paper from Japanese researchers reporting excess heat production in hydrogen/deuterium loaded nanocomposites here.

The publication by the US Naval Institute of a paper titled ‘This is Not Cold Fusion’ by Michael Ravnitzky (not accessible) and a similar article published in Scientific American here.

For background on the original Fleischman and Pons research, see this YouTube video from “60 Minutes” at this link.

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