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Startup Weekend Chennai

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Chennai, India

Startup Weekend Chennai

Startup Weekend Chennai | CEG Edition (15 Feb – 17 Feb)

What is Startup Weekend Chennai?

The goal here is to build out a complete startup idea and examine its marketability and feasibility. Start the event with Friday night pitches and team creation, get down to business plan development on Saturday, and pitch your final prototype creation to the crowd and panel of experts on Sunday evening. Ideally you are ready to take your idea to the market right after Startup Weekend Chennai.Startupweekend in partnership with Goog for Startups logo. Techstars logo

Who can participate?

Startup Weekend Chennai is for everyone who wishes to make a difference. Teams are formed around the top ideas (as determined by popular vote) and then it’s a 54 hour frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. All teams are presented with the opportunity to hear talks by industry leaders and receive valuable feedback from local entrepreneurs. The weekend is centered around action, innovation, fun and learning.

As already mentioned, anyone and everyone is welcome! Typical crowd of Startup Weekend consists of:
1.Developers and Hackers who can code with sublime tempo and expertise.
2.Domain experts and Business people who are proficient on the market needs.
3.Designers with impregnable aesthetics and strong UI & UX skills.
4.Hustlers who can steer the project and can pitch their idea with ardor, looking to build a team around their idea.

Why join Startup Weekend Chennai?

You get a chance to meet smart and passionate people from different backgrounds. Following the start of the event, you get your idea validated with the very best industry mentors and get to equip yourself with the right tools to help build your startup idea. You’ll find yourself working towards creating a business at the end, and connecting with the right people and resources to begin your entrepreneurial journey. All of these happen over the 54 hour Weekend!

Each participant will get:

  • An exclusive .co domain including the hosting for a year- FREE!
  • $3000 worth Google Cloud Platform credits to build mobile and web apps.
  • Exclusive Startup Weekend goodies and SWAGS.
  • A well designed community inspired T-shirt.
  • Official Startup Weekend Certificate!
  • Coffee, Snacks-available all day to power up your brain.
  • Unlimited gourmet buffet food over the course of the weekend (that’s 7 meals!)

The Winner Teams get🏆🎁🎉

  • ‘Startup Weekend Chennai 2019’ Title Winner. 
  • Incubation space at ‘Atworks‘ for two months
  • Tie-Chennai Membership for the winner team
  • $150 Digital Ocean Credits and exciting merchandises.
  • Mentorship program from SPI Edge
  • Web Development and Brand Identity support from Ankor‘ Digital Agency.

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At Startup Weekend Chennai, we firmly believe that the most ground-breaking products are created at night, when the rest of the world is in deep slumber. Join us to experience what its like to work on ‘a single idea’ that could change your life forever.