2020 | IEEE 5G World Forum

2020 | IEEE 5G World Forum

2020 10 – 12 September
(originally scheduled Bangalore, India)
Location: Virtual

IEEE Entrepreneurship/Amazon Web Services (AWS) Workshop

The IEEE Entrepreneurship/AWS workshop at IEEE 5G World Forum will help foster an understanding of decisive factors to success or failure for startups. Read More.

As companies innovate, their ability to implement new ideas and the speed at which they bring those ideas to market have become decisive factors to success or failure. Innovation and the product development processes that drive it can help a company achieve success or suffer poor results.

Entrepreneurial Program

Entrepreneurship in 5G | IEEE Entrepreneurship Session

In this session, presenters will reveal what factors cause startups/products to fail in the marketplace and share best practices and possibilities for improvement to achieve better results.

We will hear case studies into the various phases of innovation and product development and learn about the circumstances that contribute to the high and lows of engineering-driven entrepreneurship.


AWS Wavelength for 5G Mobile Edge Computing | Amazon Web Services (AWS) Session

Wavelength brings AWS infrastructure to the edge of the 5G Mobile network, giving you access to the well-known AWS compute resources, APIs, CLI, SDK right at 5G edge to develop and deploy ultra-low latency-sensitive applications. Write your application once irrespective of whether it is deployed in AWS Region or in different Wavelength Zones across various 5G Mobile networks globally and manage them through a single pane of glass.  In this session you will learn about what Wavelength is, different use cases Wavelength can unlock, and how to get started with Wavelength.


Deep Dive of AWS Wavelength and the various use cases it enables | Amazon Web Services (AWS) Session

AWS Wavelength seamlessly connects with the AWS region and provides the necessary compute and storage for developers to write applications that need ultra-low latency. AWS Compute Innovations powered by the Nitro architecture provides the framework to run AWS Availability zones deep inside the carrier network and closer to the edge. In this session, we will Deep Dive into the AWS Wavelength Architecture, the innovation that powers  AWS Wavelength, connectivity patterns for applications using AWS Wavelength, and the various edge use cases that benefit from AWS Wavelength and Services.


Machine Learning at the Edge | Amazon Web Services (AWS) Session

AWS edge computing services provide infrastructure and software that move data processing and analysis as close to the end-point as necessary. This includes deploying AWS managed hardware and software to locations outside AWS data centers, and even onto customer-owned devices. For applications demanding near-instantaneous inference, it is not possible to make API calls to the cloud for generating predictions. This session will walk you through drivers and use cases for machine learning at the edge, allowing you to learn how to train machine learning models using Amazon SageMaker, optimize them using Amazon SageMaker Neo, and deploy them to edge device using AWS Greengrass.