IEEE Foundation

2020 | IEEE Rising Stars

12:00 pm PM
Las Vegas, Nevada

2020 | IEEE Rising Stars

Las Vegas, Nevada
2020 03 – 05 January

IEEE Rising Stars Conference, within IEEE Region 6 (Western USA), is designed to inform, excite, enthuse, and enlighten engineering young professionals and students. The conference brings together promising students and young professionals from around the world to network. The program includes interactive events, competitions, technical innovation talks from industry experts, networking opportunities and professional development. Learn more about the 2019 IEEE Rising Stars event and IEEE Entrepreneurship’s involvement!

The Rising Stars event consists of two tracks. One focuses on bringing together technical professionals who are experts in emerging technologies including autonomous vehicles, space, and manufacturing, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, security, and IoT. The Professional track consists of technical professionals who come to enlighten and inspire attendees to succeed in an ever-changing job environment and on how to develop as leaders in their respective fields.

The IEEE Rising Stars Conference provides direction and perspective to performing young professionals and students. Attendees at the event will gain insight on how best to further their careers by networking and learning from industry professionals and executives from leading international companies. Rising Stars Conference attendees will leave the event with better preparation to face the challenges presented to them and armed with the appropriate contacts needed to gain the insight to be successful. Read More. 

Poster Session

Why should I enter the competition?

  • Showcase your work to conference attendees
  • Network for future opportunities
  • Chance to win awards and gain recognition

What are the key dates and details?

  • Theme for Posters: Trends in technology, technical projects: embedded systems, coding, manufacturing, gadgets and gaming, innovative academic projects, hobbyist and maker projects.
  • Deadline for abstract submission: December 6, 2019
  • Date & time for presentation: January 3, 2020, from 3 to 7 PM
  • Poster submission fee: $50
  • 4 authors maximum per poster
  • 1 of the authors must be registered and present at the conference to present the poster.
  • Approval results will be announced December 10th. Read More.

Session: Autonomous transportation: One step at a time

Long-haul trucking is one particular industry that currently faces serious and pressing challenges like driver shortage, and autonomous driving can help alleviate that pain. We founded Locomation with the vision of developing safe and robust commercial-grade autonomous driving technologies. Given the founders’ over a century-long collective experience in building and deploying autonomous systems, we know that full autonomy in real-world settings is a very long-tailed problem. That is why we are starting with Autonomous Relay Convoying (ARC), which virtually connects two trucks together, keeping an active driver in the lead truck and allowing autonomous technology to operate the follower truck. The lead driver acts as an environmental filter to the autonomy system on the follower truck, greatly reducing the complexity it needs to handle. With the second driver taking mandated rest, twice as much freight volume is transported per driver shift. ARC will be deployed much sooner than fully autonomous trucks, penetrate the market much faster, and will be the first step towards achieving full autonomy.

Session: LinkedIn’s Journey to Developer Agility and Productivity

In 2011 releasing a version of LinkedIn was hard. Releases happened once every two weeks and took a significant amount of time to do. 50% of the time the release of the site would fail to leave new product launches unreleased and engineers unhappy and discouraged. In 2011, we hit a tipping point and decided it was time to seriously invest in this problem. We stopped all product development in the company and invested in [in]Version – a way to exponentially improve developer productivity and allow us to more rapidly release. In this talk we’ll talk about [in]Version and how we changed development at LinkedIn to allow for our economies of scale, but how we’ve made other drastic changes to our deployment cadence through information, modeling, and automation to empower our engineers to go wicked fast.

Session: How Engineers Impact History

Engineers impact history. Mr. Decuir will address big things that happened, what is happening now, new opportunities, and how to prepare.

Session: Signals of Opportunity in Earth and Planetary Science

Signals of opportunity has proven an excellent tool to increase our knowledge in many Earth-related natural phenomena. While I introduce the topic and its potential, the talk will focus on how my research expanded to bring innovation to the field.

Session: Ampaire: Electrifying Aviation

Ampaire today is test flying the world’s largest hybrid-electric plane, with plans to conduct demonstration flights on commuter airline routes in the coming months. The company is on the fast track to introducing, cleaner, quieter, less costly aircraft to benefit airline and general aviation operators, and improve the passenger experience. The future begins with in-service aircraft adapted for electric propulsion and proceeds to exciting new, clean-sheet and high-performance all-electric aircraft. Hear firsthand from Ampaire’s Co-founder and CEO, Kevin Noertker on Ampaire’s vision, plans and industry-leading progress toward making a new era of electric aircraft a reality.

Session: Memory- How Semiconductor Devices Mimic and Support the Human Brain through Big Data and A.I.

Man-made semiconductor memory and human memory have a lot in common. Understanding how one works helps develop the other to achieve breakthroughs in technical innovation and medical research. Big data and A.I. are helping us get closer to mimicking the human brain with the hopes of extending its transience.

Session: Extending Your Influence through Team Leadership

You can only accomplish so much in solo mode ̶ to implement your ideas, you’ll need to lead others. This talk covers practical tips for creating influence through team leadership. Rick Hefner, PhD, specializes in project management, leadership, and systems engineering.  Dr. Hefner has worked with over 20 technology-driven companies in the aerospace, communications, electronics, and health sciences industries, as well as academic and government organizations. He is credited with over 200 publications and presentations, and currently leads professional training programs at the California Institute of Technology.

Session: The Fantastic Five, the 5 Soft Skills Every Technical Professional Should Develop.

Soft skills are in high demand, even in the most technical of fields.  A recent Harris poll of hiring managers revealed that 77 percent of employers value soft skills as technical skills. Come and find out from one of today’s IEEE leaders, a hiring manager who will provide practical advice on how to help you translate your technical expertise into terms nontechnical people can understand and why this is critical to your personal and professional success.

Session: Women in Leadership & the Double Bind

Women and men with the same skill characteristics are often described in different ways, creating invisible barriers.  Come learn more about this unconscious gender bias, how it creates a “double bind” and how you can be a part of the solution.

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