2020 | International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)

12:00 pmPM
Paris, France

2020 | International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)

Paris, France
2020 31 May – 04 June

The International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) is the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society’s flagship conference and is a premier international forum for robotics researchers to present their work. The 2020 conference will be held from 31 May to 4 June 2020 at The Palais des congrès de Paris in Paris, France. The conference will include plenary, keynote and award nominee presentations, contributed paper interactive sessions, workshops, tutorials, robotics & art exhibition, and forums. Read More.

Important Dates:

10 September 2019: Submission of RA-Letter Papers with ICRA presentation option
10 September 2019: Video submissions for RA-L papers with ICRA presentation option
15 September 2019: Submission of contributed papers
25 September 2019: Video submissions for ICRA contributed papers
25 September 2019: Submission of workshop/tutorial proposals
20 December 2016: Notification of acceptance of workshop & tutorial proposals
31 January 2020: Notification of paper acceptance
28 February 2020: Submission of final papers
3 March 2020: Deadline for early-bird registration
20 April 2020: Deadline for advance registration
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Sunday 31 May 2020 – Full Day Workshops 8:30-17:30

 Title Organizers Room
Advances in lower limb dynamic prostheses for agile and dynamic walking Panagiotis Artemiadis, Rosa H. M. Chan, He (Helen) Huang, Mo Rastgaar* 242B
Applications of micro-nanorobotics  Fumihito Arai, Eric D. Diller, Cédric Clévy, Aude Bolopion* 202/203
Beyond Soft Robotics: Pioneer Perspectives and Interdisciplinary Collaboration Hiromi Mochiyama*, Shinichi Hirai, Vito Cacucciolo, Francesco Giorgio-Serchi, Shingo Maeda 241
Cognitive Robotic Surgery Michael C. Yip*, Florian Richter, Danail Stoyanov, Francisco Vasconcelos, Fanny Ficuciello, Emmanuel B Vander Poorten, Gregory Scott Fischer, Blake Hannaford, Peter Kazanzides 342A
Construction and Architecture Robotics Darwin Lau*, Yunhui Liu, Tobias Bruckmann, Thomas Bock, Stéphane Caro 224/225M
Debates on the Future of Robotics Research  Matthew Giamou*, Lee Clement, Valentin Peretroukhin, Sylvia Herbert, Jaime F. Fisac, Brian Wang, Sarah Tang, Felix Wolf Hans Erich von Drigalski, Florian Shkurti, Jonathan Kelly Bordeaux
Emerging Learning and Algorithmic Methods for Data Association in Robotics Kaveh Fathian*, Jonathan Patrick How, Alec Koppel, Ethan Stump, Roberto Tron 336/337M
Energy Storage and Delivery in Robotic Systems  Mihai Duduta*, Samuel Felton, Fatma Zeynep Temel  221/222M
Flapping-Wing Aerial Robots: From Theory to Practice Ramy Rashad*, Federico Califano, Alexander Dijkshoorn, Luuk Groot Koerkamp, Stefano Stramigioli  242A
Full-day Workshop on: Human-Swarm Interaction Panagiotis Artemiadis*, Herbert G. Tanner, Dimitra Panagou, Kleio Baxevani 362/363
Human-Robot Teaming: From Data to Systems  Carlos Nieto-Granda*, Henrik Iskov Christensen, Nicholas Roy, Julie A. Shah, Holly Yanco, Ethan Stump, Christopher M. Reardon, David Baran  353
Integrating Multidisciplinary Approaches to Advance Physical Human-Robot Interaction  Pauline Maurice*, Meghan Huber, Claudia Latella, Serena Ivaldi, Arash Ajoudani  342B
Learning of Manual Skills in Humans and Robots Aude Billard*, Dagmar Sternad  341
Perception, Action, Learning From Metric-Semantic Scene Understanding to High-level Task Execution Luca Carlone*, Dan Griffith, Sanjeev Mohindra  352B
Mechanisms and Design: from Inception to Realization Hao Su*, Matei Ciocarlie, Kyu-Jin Cho, Darwin Lau, Claudio Semini, Damiano Zanotto  231/232M

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