2020 | Silicon Valley: From IDEA to GETTING STARTED with great narrative


2020 | Silicon Valley: From IDEA to GETTING STARTED with great narrative

2020 04 – 05 November
Location: Virtual

Silicon Valley venture capitalists and experts will share the secrets for turning an idea into a tech new venture.

This is an online/remote workshop taking place on November 4 and 5, 2020 for about 2 hours per day – morning in America, afternoon in Europe, and evening in Asia. See the event time in your timezone:

  • Pacific Time (USA): 8-10 am
  • CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME CET (Rome, Paris, Berlin): 5-7 pm
  • See more timezones.

Pitching an idea and telling the story behind that is at the heart of any new venture – from raising investor capital to capture the interest of clients, key employees, partners, and beyond. When you can tell a sharp message with a strong narrative, people tend to pay you extra attention.

Silicon Valley venture capitalists and experts will help you get your venture’s story across effectively.

Plus, you will have an opportunity to pitch in front of the Valley investors and have valuable feedback.

This is a unique opportunity for TVLP Followers based outside the US with limited opportunities to attend a TVLP immersive program and accelerator in Silicon Valley.

Who should attend – People and small teams that are already working on a new venture or product idea. Having a beta product or a prototype might help. Early-stage entrepreneurs and innovators are welcome. Read More.


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This workshop was originally part of the program of IEEE TEMS International Conference on Technology and Entrepreneurship 2020, Bologna (Italy). The conference program was affected by the COVID-19 international outbreak.

Evolving Program

NOV 4, 8-10 AM Pacific Time (see in your local timezone.)

The main goal of this session is to introduce what is a pitch, how to approach VCs, and how to make an effective one-line pitch.

  • “Pitching introduction and core elements of a successful pitch”, Angelika Blendstrup
  • Participants introduction and their one-line pitch
  • “Pitching to investors”, Alex Fries
  • “Dos and Don’ts”, a conversation between Alex Fries and Angelika Blendstrup; some participants will volunteer

NOV 5, 8-10 AM Pacific Time (see in your local timezone.)

The main goal of this session is to learn the importance of storytelling and how to turn the one-line pitch into a story adding reinforcing elements (Why this, why now, why you). Participants can bring one slide to support their story choosing among 5 options (problem, solution, business model, go-to-market strategy, and differentiation).

  • “Storytelling”, Chris Yeh
  • Practice, Chris Yeh and Marta Bulaich; some participants will volunteer
  • “The art of innovation: from idea to world-changing product”, Marta Bulaich
  • Practice (adding reinforcing elements), Marta Bulaich

Consider arriving 30 min earlier to check-in.

Speakers and Mentors

Angelika Blendstrup is a partner at the SV-LATAM Fund in Silicon Valley investing in early-stage startups. She is also a lecturer and mentor at Stanford University, 500 Startups, and several other Bay Area distinguished accelerators. Dr. Blendstrup is a faculty member at the TVLP Institute leading the Venture Lab.

Alexander Fries is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He is a venture partner at Alpana Ventures, an early-stage investment fund in San Francisco, and president of Ecosystem Ventures, a VC fund focused on overseas startups. Alex Fries is a board member of several high-tech startups.

Marta Bulaich is an experienced member of venture capital firms. She is an operating partner at the seed fund Crane Ventures in London and head of marketing at Ridge Ventures in San Francisco. Marta Bulaich was Vice President of Canaan Partners and Associate at DFJ Venture, two of the world’s most successful funds. She is a faculty member of the TVLP Institute teaching Innovation.

Chris Yeh is a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and best-selling author. His book “Blitzscaling” written with his friend Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, is one of the most successful publications on build massively valuable companies at lightning speed. Chris Yeh is an instructor at Stanford University and a faculty member of the TVLP Institute teaching Storytelling. He holds degrees from Harvard Business School and Stanford. Read More.