2020 | THRIVE Innovation Summit

12:00 pmPM
Santa Clara University

2020 | THRIVE Innovation Summit

2020 25 March
Santa Clara, California

The THRIVE Innovation Summit is held annually in Silicon Valley and each year attracts 250+ agribusiness leaders, investors, agtech and foodtech startups, and California and Midwest growers. The summit is a unique opportunity to meet and hear from our THRIVE Top 50, fifty companies shaping the future of the agriculture supply chain as well as leaders of Fortune 500 food and agriculture corporations implementing these disruptive technologies.

The Innovation Summit is a perfect opportunity to explore the agricultural side of entrepreneurship. IEEE encourages learning and exploration through the world of engineering, entrepreneurship, and innovation with hopes that one day the knowledge can be used to improve global conditions.

The conference will include an Innovation Showcase featuring THRIVE Top 50 startups as well as panels and fireside chats covering topics such as block chain, indoor/vertical farming, biotechnology and automated agriculture.

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