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Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies


Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies

2020 December 08
Location: Virtual

The impact of innovation and entrepreneurship on the economy and society more broadly cannot be overstated. The impact goes beyond aspects such as increased productivity, competitiveness, and job creation, and crosses over into infrastructure, the environment, political stability, regulation, and social inclusion.

The disparity between resource distribution means that students & young professionals, budding entrepreneurs, in countries with a low GDP don’t have access to the same education, coaching, and investment opportunities. “Innovation Nation” is an initiative by IEEE, the world’s largest professional organization, designed to help educate youth and promote entrepreneurship in low-GDP countries.

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Having its roots in Bosnia & Herzegovina, now running in Sri Lanka, Jamaica, and Malaysia, the initiative works on establishing a network of startups, investors, industry, and academia to support the grassroots initiatives that enhance the visibility of startups in low-GDP countries. IEEE Innovation Nation is bringing together a diverse panel, that will shed some light on why innovation & entrepreneurship are critical to the economic development in developing nations, and how grassroots initiatives can play a pivotal role in the overall prosperity of nations. Read More.