Returning Mothers Conference 2021


Returning Mothers Conference 2021

2021 August 28 – 29
Location: Virtual

Why should You Attend RMC?

Returning Mothers Conference 2021 edition is coming up on 28th-29th August, with a theme “Be the Change You Want to See in the World”.

With a motto to help STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths or Management) graduates return to professional life following a career break, the conference deliberates on providing an interface with the industry that is willing to hire returnees and join or rejoin the national/international workforce and also to someone who wishes to learn about career sustainability, career enhancement, and life skill development. The two days of the conference are also designed to provide Entrepreneurship-training and personalized mentorship towards setting up a new business end-to-end. It is an excellent opportunity to gather and explore your creative side and find an opportunity to start your own venture.

In short, the conference will aim at providing a highly interactive platform to foster interaction, innovation, and collaboration for empowering, engaging, and developing an innovative mindset for the delegates.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Want to become an Entrepreneur? Ready to launch your own products? Come and get it published to the world.

What is the Innovation and Entrepreneurship track about?

Innovation and Entrepreneurship track makes an attempt to provide a platform for all STEM/STEAM graduates to pursue the path of Entrepreneurship. Open to all at various stages of entrepreneurship – those with a marketable idea, or even individuals who have already launched a product and expect to grow their business. The track also considers the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is working in line to have a major impact on the lives of many people who desire to come back to the mainstream across the globe. Read More.

What are the main objectives?

The objective of this track is to motivate anyone and everyone who wishes to learn about career sustainability, career enhancement, and life skill development.

Welcome to the Inclusive RMC and meet like-minded people across the world!

Who will be the speakers?

Experts from industry, Academia, or other government and non-government organizations will mentor participants for their ideas so that participants can put their best efforts and knowledge in order to make their idea best.

Who must attend the Innovation and Entrepreneurship track and what age group will be most benefited?

  • Anyone having at least 2-3 years of experience from industry, Academia, or its equivalent is desirable.
  • Individuals who are willing to pursue their interests and come back after breaks in their careers are encouraged to participate.
  • People with various backgrounds irrespective of their age, profession, gender, etc.

What are the programs planned under the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Track?

  • Ideathon
  • Mentoring of selected ideas.
  • Talks on Entrepreneurship
  • PitchFest

Also in RMC 2021: 

Novelty & Invention – Provides training on how to protect your innovation, sensitizing about Intellectual Property, and how to file for patents. If you are looking for career prospects in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) towards improving employability, now is the time. This track includes keynotes & experts sessions, quizzes, and a lot more! Read more.

Inspire & Engage – Highlights the importance of upskilling oneself on the journey of returning to careers based on the market requirement so that mapping of jobs with skills can be done. This track features inspirational talks, skill enhancement workshops, fireside chats, and much more! Read more.


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