IEEE 7th World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT 2021)

LOCATION: HYBRID - Hilton Riverside Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana

IEEE 7th World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT 2021)

2021 June 20 – 24
Location: Hybrid – Hilton Riverside Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana

The 7th IEEE World Forum on the Internet of Things will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana USA June 20th – 24th, 2021. The Forum is the premier event of the Multi-Society IEEE IoT  Initiative [] and is held jointly with the IoT Community []. The Theme for WFIoT2021 is “The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on IoT”. You will find a comprehensive and exciting program, that brings the latest developments from industry and the business world, the most important people from across the breath of the IoT ecosystem, news of significant innovations and advances from the research and academic community, and shared experiences from practitioners and end-users about the successes and challenges of IoT deployments. The World Forum is all about the nurture and promotion of IoT for the benefit of society and humanity. The conference is focused on the betterment of life through the responsible and ethical adoption of IoT technologies, applications, and solutions. Please join us in New Orleans where you can take an active part in the dialog about IoT, explore the vast array of IoT technologies, learn about the latest applications and developments, network with the experts, and enjoy the unique ambiance of charm, food and music of New Orleans.

Organizing for WFIoT2021, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the IEEE and the World Forum Conference Committees have the utmost concern for the safety and comfort of all participants and attendees. There is considerable uncertainty in the conditions we will face in June of 2021 in New Orleans, in travel options and restrictions, and economic impacts. What we have planned for is a predominantly face to face meeting that includes provisions for remote participation and attendance, for those who will not be able to be in New Orleans in person.  We have also taken the contingency steps, if necessary, to hold an On-Line only Conference if warranted. That call will be made in the Spring of 2021. In the meantime, we are working with our conference hotel and suppliers to provide a venue where the conference can be safely conducted following health guidelines and best practices.

What: The World Forum brings together experts in IoT from around the globe and the diverse community of stakeholders that make up the IoT ecosystem. Today that touches almost all sectors of the world economy. The program covers topics of importance to IoT as well as aspects of IoT important to New Orleans, the surrounding area, and the Gulf Coast. There are multiple distinct aspects to the WFIoT2021 reflecting the vast range of activities and interests in IoT. The first is aimed at the Research and Academic community and consists of Technical peer reviewed papers with an emphasis on novel and original results and advanced ideas important and relevant to IoT. The second is aimed at participation from a wide but knowledgeable general audience and experienced speakers with diverse professional backgrounds and is focused on the practical aspects of IoT adoption important to the success of IoT Applications and Solutions in different Verticals and Markets. The format is aimed at fostering an active and intense dialog that includes involvement from government, industry, the research and development community, and end-users. It is intended to foster the exchange of experiences, challenges, and successes with IoT. The third is about the professional aspects of IoT and includes Women In Engineering, Young Professionals, and Entrepreneurs! The Plenary sessions, addressing all registrants to WFIoT2021, consist of panels and presentations from the foremost technologists and industry leaders in IoT and in subject areas critical to IoT. Lastly the conference concludes with the IoT Slam Live, focused on topics of interest to Business and Industry.

  • Technical Program
    • Paper Presentations and Posters
    • Workshops
    • Special Sessions
    • Industrial Research Forum
    • PhD/Master Forum
    • Demonstrations
    • Tutorials
  • Plenary Sessions
    • Industry Leaders
    • Research Initiatives
    • Deployment Experiences
  • Vertical and Topical Tracks
    • Verticals: Agriculture; Environment; Healthcare; Manufacturing; Power and Energy; Smart Cities.
    • Topicals: Artificial Intelligence; Communications; Computing; Data and Digitization; Security , Privacy, and Trust; Sensors and Sensor Systems.
  • Women in Engineering Program
  • Young Professionals Program
  • Entrepreneurial Program
  • IoT Slam Live – by the IoT Community
    • Keynotes
    • Centers of Excellence in IoT Presentations
    • Panel Discussions
    • Applications and Solutions
    • On Demand Presentations
  • Exhibits and Displays

Where: The Conference will be held at the Hilton Riverside, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. The hotel is in the center of town, close to the banks of the Mississippi where it vends its way through New Orleans. It is a short distance from the historic French Quarter. New Orleans has a unique culture, a distinct and colorful architectural style,  and the charm of vibrant gardens and flowering plants as a hallmark. The city is packed with historical attractions and surrounded by sight-seeing opportunities in the vicinity. It is a great place for outstanding food ranging from the local seafood and Cajun specialties to award winning cuisine, great hospitality and entertainment, and a tradition of Jazz and Music  – a place to be enjoyed! Our hosts for the event is the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and the City of New Orleans.

When: The World Forum will be held June 20th to 24th 2021. The first day is traditionally dedicated to Tutorials and Workshops. June 21st-23rd is the heart of the program and June 24th, 2021 is dedicated to the IoT Community Slam.

Who: We hope that you will be involved in WFIoT2021. We encourage you to be an active participants and enjoy the extensive and exciting content that reflects the progression of IoT and the increasing pace of innovation and deployment in IoT solutions. Please join us if you are: an executive, administrator, or strategist working in IoT; responsible for management of an IoT project, product, or IoT business development; in the public sector pursuing an IoT deployment or actively engaged in one; a technologist or individual contributor specializing in IoT or one of the important technology areas for IoT; offering IoT services; a researcher or in academia and engaged with IoT; or just curious what IoT is all about and how it may impact your life.