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Meet Biopsin:

Harness the power of cutting-edge interdisciplinary techniques to eliminate the bottleneck of microbial and endotoxin detection in your company!

Biopsin is introducing a revolutionary microbial detection system that provides gold standard detection of pathogens for F&B, water, consumer goods and pharmaceutical products in real time.

By combining cutting edge technologies from more than six disciplines, their microbial detection system extracts and traps the pathogenic microbes from your product and provides specific and quantitative results at single-cell level within minutes.

Their early partners in F&B, water, FMCG and pharmaceutical industries are very pleased with the prototype and are using it to quickly detect microbial pathogens in their raw materials and finished products.

Businesses are able to monitor microbial pathogens continuously in their processing line, which allows early detection of pathogens at critical points in the supply chain and manufacturing line. This enables businesses to take early action to mitigate inventory loss and manufacture contaminant free end products with confidence.

Biopsin became an IEEE N3XT® Star at Slingshot2019.