The real challenge

270 million visually impaired people worldwide use sounds to move. Most obstacles like electric vehicles, bikes, or pedestrians are silent yet dangerous. To prevent collisions and guide you, companies developed smart canes to avoid obstacles, smart glasses to describe the scene, smart wristbands to get GPS instructions…

Do you know what’s smart? A device that does it all.

The smartest pedestrian copilot. Walk stress-free. is a smart and discrete harness worn on the shoulders, with wide-angle cameras working like a pedestrian-level self-driving car, that uses self-driving technology to guide blind and partially-sighted people with 3D sounds. generates intuitive 3D sounds to warn you about the position of obstacles, vehicles, pedestrians, or urban elements based on the risk of collision. It also provides GPS instructions and is delivered with bone conduction headphones to leave your ears free.

Your ultimate copilot

Avoid obstacles identifies obstacles, holes, or head-level danger that the white cane cannot detect.

Cross the street safely

Discover new places

Get started quickly became an IEEE Entrepreneurship Stars Recipient at Viva Technology 2022.