Brian Deutsch

CEO | Pivotal Commware

Brian Deutsch

CEO | Pivotal Commware


Brian Deutsch is CEO of Pivotal Commware, the inventors of Holographic Beam Forming™ (HBF). HBF is a disruptive and game-changing new technology that expands the capacity and spectral efficiency of 5G networks to address the rapid growth in wireless data consumption.

Pivotal’s HBF technology is a key component in its Echo 5G™ and Pivot 5G™ repeater products that deliver on the promise of 5G by minimizing costly, fiber-connected gNBs and facilitating millimeter wave (mmWave) propagation indoors and outdoors. The company has partnered with Verizon to help the carrier amplify coverage for its 5G Ultra Wind Band network.

Prior to Pivotal Commware, Deutsch was the founding CEO of Wavtrace, a broadband wireless equipment provider acquired by Harris Corporation (HRS) in 2000.  More recently, he served as turnaround CEO at ApertoNetworks and EVP at BSQUARE (BSQR). 

Deutsch also spent six years with Motorola, worked for NASA at Kennedy Space Center, was a finalist for Inc. magazine’s “Entrepreneur of the Year,” and has been awarded many U.S. patents.

He received his BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Miami.

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