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Cassandra Carothers

Investor | Upheaval Investments

Cassandra Carothers

Investor | Upheaval Investments


Cassandra Carothers invests globally into early-stage (pre-seed through Series B) frontier and deep tech startups aiming to solve the world’s toughest problems and fundamentally transform markets through moonshot innovation.

Investing on behalf of Upheaval Investments of Chicago, she is based in the SF Bay Area and globally. Industries of focus include quantum(!) and next-gen computing, aerospace, robotics, advanced materials, AI/ML, data, privacy and security, health tech, and cleantech. She is passionate about breakthrough innovation, grounded in commercial viability, and with a line of sight to a massive, platform scale.

Cassandra is a former operator; with expertise in international market development, sales, business development, and technology commercialization. She hails from an international business background, having lived and worked across the Americas, APAC, and EMEA.

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