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Genomic Expression


Genomic Expression is finding the best drug for the patient and the best patient for the drug by sequencing RNA. Analyzing RNA is able to tell if the tumor will respond to the new immune therapies, which is the only kind of therapy that is a potential cure. We entered into a strategic relationship with IBM to provide our analytics in a HIPAA compliment environment.

Genomic Expression started as the diagnostic partner in the $32M Danish “Genome Denmark” project, and we have subsequent developed our platform with the goal of improving outcomes for cancer patients. Jesper Zeuthen, CMO worked his whole carrier on curing cancer and he is the co-founder of GenMap, DanDrit (immune therapy) and Topotarget. We attracted Tanya Kanigan, COO, she invented OpenArray™ and brought it into the diagnostic market prior to selling her company to Life Tech, and Morten Middelfart, CIO who played with Big Data his whole life, started his first company at 14 and sold it at 21, Morten Middelfart is building our backend bioinformatics in collaboration with IBM. Morten Pedersen, Co and co-founder with PhD in genetics and inventor of our sample prep technologies. Gitte has advised the Danish Government on attracting investments to Denmark and done +$1B in 6 years, and prior to that she was marketing manager at Novo Nordisk. Today Genomic Expression has HQ in New York and a lab in Boston.

Genomic Expression came in #2 in the Women’s Founders Pitch event in LA, was in the top 10 companies to pitch for Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Airlines) Extreme Tech Challenge and invited to dinner with Branson on Necker’s Island, and selected into the top 5 diagnostic companies at the Molecular Tri-Conference to present March 9.

Genomic Expression became an IEEE N3XT® Star at euTop50