Helen Little

Mechanical Engineer | re:3D

Helen Little

Mechanical Engineer | re:3D


Helen Little is a mechanical engineer at re:3D, a start-up that makes affordable, large-scale 3D printers. She specializes in Gigabot X, a pellet printer that can print with recycled materials. She graduated from Rice University in 2017.

Helen has also worked on several noteworthy projects. Her team won first place for an Injection Assist Device – Innovate Designathon. The goal was to develop a device that enables one-handed insulin injections. Major highlights of this project included:
• Conducting a project scoping and calculated a potential impact of 320,000 new cases annually of patients with both diabetes and limited hand function in low-resource settings.
• Utilizing Solidworks and 3D printing to iteratively prototype a device that snaps onto insulin syringes and vials, and enables one-handed medication loading and injection in under one minute.

Her work with Lion Zip-line included:
• Collaborating with teammates and clients to design, prototype, and test a motorized zip-line to deliver meat and simulate hunting for lions at the Houston Zoo.
• Researching and applying knowledge in circuit design, DC motors, and materials strength.

Through the creation of a Rice Electric Vehicle – Shell EcoMarathon her team focused on: 
• Working to brainstorm, design, model, and machine a brake system.
• Creating a new car body with a carbon fiber epoxy layup in fiberglass molds.
• Competing at the 2016 Shell EcoMarathon in Detroit, Michigan.

Her work with the Interactive Exhibit – Houston Weather Museum included: 
• Working with a client and 3 teammates to design, prototype, test, and implement an interactive exhibit about the water cycle